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Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine

Why You Should Be Eating Healthy During Quarantine


Right now, our world is upside down, and health is at the top if not the first of our priorities. So, why not eat healthily?

When it comes to food, it can be a challenge to change your diet, but what you eat contributes to your overall health so you should eat healthily.


Eating Healthy Fights Depression

There is a clear link between a poor diet and depression.

It’s important to eat healthy foods now more than ever because factors like stress and anxiety are prevalent among many Americans during this crisis.

Recent studies have shown that COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the mental health of many people.

Desperate, Thinking, Stressed Out, Headache, Depressed

For some, it is a first and to others, it’s only become worse. As a preventative measure and for general health, you simply can’t afford to neglect your diet.

When grocery shopping in the time of COVID-19, we think about quick, easy to make foods that are affordable! If you are doing the shopping in your household, think about whether your diet consists of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains, and protein.

When we have a good handle on the number of vitamins and nutrients we absorb, our mind functions properly and it fights depression due to the healthy nutrition that is good for our brain and body.

If you’re in doubt about ingredients your groceries contain, you can always check the nutrition label or ask the store clerk for help.

If you don’t know where to start, start small. Make a meal plan with your roommate or family member. You can both come up with meals and it’ll be less stressful for everyone.

5 Affordable Foods that Fight Stress & Depression

  1. Fish
  2. Beans
  3. Yogurt
  4. Spinach
  5. Nuts




Eating Healthy BUILDS the Immune System

Why the immune system?

The immune system’s job is to help the body fight off sickness, viruses, bacteria, and disease. Additionally, It recognizes the difference between good and bad cells so when you get sick, it protects you.

Most of the time, this is how it goes. There are other factors like autoimmune diseases, which are outside factors, but even then the immune system must be protected at all costs.

Blood, Cells, Red, Medical, Medicine, Anatomy, Health
Red blood cells traveling through the human body


When you build your immune system, you give yourself the best chance at fighting off sickness and disease and reversing potential damage to your organs.

If you find yourself taking trips outside for groceries or any other means, please balance your diet. Eating to build your immune system is the best, most natural way to protect your body without having to deal with the consequences of a poor diet later.

How do you build it?

You have to eat healthily!

More than that, you need to make sure you get quality vitamins and minerals in your system. If you’re new to this change, a great way to start off means budgeting and meal planning.

Maybe you don’t have access to the same veggies, fruits, and vitamins as your friends and family that live across the state or even country, but here’s what you can do.

eating healthy
Food Pyramid by Harvard Health Medical School

You can typically find good produce in the average store, but not without searching.

There are many products that offer the appearance of truly organic food but aren’t. For marketing purposes they know you’re shopping quickly and not paying much attention. Always read the nutrition label first.

If you can’t find or afford higher-end brands, you can still find healthy foods. Grocery stores like Aldi offer great ranges of fresh products, many of which are private labeled and organic for a very family-affordable price.

Additionally, you can do a quick search for a local farm patch in your area. These are small distribution centers where local farmers sell fresh produce to you directly from their farms or to an infrastructure, which sells right to you.

This has become an increasingly popular choice in many parts of the country, as food shortages and low stock in grocery stores have increased overall wait time.




Eating Healthy MAXIMIZES Good Energy

Whether you’re working on home improvement projects, working at home, or taking care of the family you still need energy. As we limit our exposure to the outside world, we should be mindful of how our body feels.

The good energy that our body needs comes from a well-balanced diet. Foods that contribute to the well-being of our body’s ability to function properly give us the most out of our day.

On the other hand, salty and sweet packed snacks mimick healthy energy. After we eat them our energy feels as if it’s rising, but that’s due to the sugar. Suddenly, we will experience sleepiness and just want to take a nap.

A girl performing Yoga
Athletic woman stretching at the beach

According to Harvard Health, the key to boosting your energy is not just the healthy foods you pick, but how you eat them throughout the day. For example, eat small meals every few hours, instead of three square meals a day.

When eating larger meals, the body experiences drops and spikes in energy and that’s not good. The goal is to maximize energy and eat a well-balanced diet. Additionally, it’s not providing your body consistent fuel.

Eating smaller frequent meals consistently increases the overall fuel your body receives, thus, your brain. In this way, you minimize the amount of wait time for energy and it sustains you throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a more concentrated way to boost your energy, check out this article from Everyday Health. They list 10 simple superfoods that are great for anyone!



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