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Coloplast Corp Brava Strip Paste: 10 Count

Used to fill deeper cavities and folds around the stoma, creating an even skin surface Absorbs moisture and improves the peristomal skin area The paste must be applied on clean,...
$19.49 $14.29
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Hollister Sterile Horizontal Drain/Tube Attachment Device, Fits 5-40 French Secure, BX/5

Secures tube or catheter by its uniquely designed tube attachment clamping mechanism; eliminates sutures Protects periwound skin by using today's best hydrocolloid skin care technology widely used in wound care....
$73.99 $55.89
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Hollister 7331 Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter, Latex-Free, Box of 10

Hollister Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter, Latex-Free Features: Convenient and easy to attach to urostomy pouch, allows easy attachment of a night drainage collector to the pouch Attaches securely to bottom...
$48.99 $36.85
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Sur-Fit Natura Convex Insert - Disposable, 1 3/8" Diameter Opening, Box of 5

Sur-Fit Natura Disposable Convex Insert Inserts are designed to snap into the flange/ring adding convexity to the standard skin barrier/wafer for improved management of retracted stomas. Color Match: Green
$16.49 $12.45
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Hollister Drainable Plastic Pouch Clamp

Drainable Pouch Clamp, Beige, Manufactured by Hollister Inc. Molded for precision, this plastic clamp aims to prevent leakage from any Hollister drainage bag, and clamp locks every pouch securely that...
$5.49 $4.20
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Hollister 9776 Wound Drainage Collector, 1 Count

The Hollister wound drainage collectors are cost effective alternatives for the management of draining wounds, fistulae or draining wound sites. Protects periwound skin with exclusive cross-linked skin barrier that absorbs...
$23.99 $17.77
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Hollister 7331 Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter 1 Each

The Hollister Urostomy Drain Tube Adapter is a small, latex free tube that easily attaches to the drain valve of a drainable urostomy pouch. The adapter connects the urostomy pouch...
$7.99 $5.62
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Brava Skin Barrier Spray, 1.7 oz. Can, Alcohol-free, 1 Count

Silicone-based product with no alcohol for a sting-free application Provides a thin protective layer to protect the skin against stoma output and strong adhesives Dries within seconds.
$17.99 $12.92
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Adept 79601 Convex Barrier Ring 1 Each

Adapt Convex Barrier Rings help prevent output from getting under the pouch seal. These rings can accommodate a variety of stomas and can be used to create deep convexity. Size:...
$9.49 $7.28
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Adapt 79601 Oval Convex Ring, Box of 10

Adapt Oval Convex Barrier Ring Can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier. Used to adjust skin barrier thickness for deeper convexity. Used...
$72.49 $55.42
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Adapt 79520 Convex Barrier Ring, Box of 10

The Adapt Convex Barrier Ring 20-mm ID (13/16") is a moldable ring for filling and caulking depressions and uneven skin contours around a stoma. It creates a waterproof seal that...
$72.49 $55.42
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Coloplast Protective Ostomy Paste without Pectin, Latex-Free, 2 oz

Coloplast Ostomy Paste is a reliable, high quality ostomy paste with less alcohol content than competitive brands. The paste provides a secure seal yet remains soft and flexible in use....
$15.49 $11.28
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ConvaTec Tail Closure Clamp Flexible Plastic, Box of 10

Designed with a soft comfortable feel, greater flexibility and improved securityor improved security, a clicking noise can be heard when closing the Tail ClosureFor use with Active Life, SUR-FIT Natura...
$30.99 $22.97
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Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Strap, 24" x 3/4", Case of 24

Bard Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps are reusable, non-sterile and Latex-free leg bag straps. These are comfortable to wear and minimize skin irritation. Economical and reusable. Adjustable 8 - 24...
$119.99 $91.54
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Convatec Urine Night Drainage System, Plastic, 67 oz.

Features: Designed for convenient collection of urine over an extended period of time. Includes 1 ConvaTec night drainage container with tubing, container cover, 1 universal adapter.
$54.99 $37.99