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Mepilex Border Foam Dressing: 5 Count, Square, 4" x 8"

Mepilex Border Post-Op is an all-in-one post-op dressing that effectively absorbs and retains blood and surgical exudate. It is intended for acute wounds, such as surgical wounds, cuts and abrasions....
$64.99 $45.46

ConvaTec AQUACEL Extra Hydrofiber Wound Dressing: 4" X 5", 10 Count White

AQUACEL EXTRA wound dressing is composed of two layers of Hydrofiber Technology stitched together. It is nine times stronger and has 39% greater absorbency as compared to the original AQUACEL...
$139.99 $106.95

Tegaderm 90802 Acrylic Dressing Adhesive, Box of 5

3M Healthcare Tegaderm Clear Absorbent Acrylic Dressing 5-9/10" x 6", 3-9/10" x 4" Pad Size, Small, Square 3M Tegaderm Clear Absorbent Acrylic Dressing is washable. Promotes autolytic debridement while allowing...

Molnlycke Alldress 265349 Absorbent Vapor-Permeable Adhesive Dressing, Box of 10

Molnlycke Alldress Absorbent Film Dressing is an all-in-one self-adherent absorbent dressing ideal for a wide variety of low to moderately exuding wounds as either primary or secondary dressing. The backing...
$33.99 $25.56

ExuDry 5999034 AntiShear Absorbent Wound Dressing 3" x 4" Box of 50

Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry Anti-Shear Absorbent Wound Dressing 3" x 4", Non-Occlusive, Full Absorbency, Non-Adherent Smith & Nephew Exu-Dry Anti-Shear Full Absorbent Dressing is a unique one-piece dressing made of...
$320.49 $246.45

Mextra 610200 Superabsorbent Dressing Box of 10

Molnlycke Mextra Superabsorbent Non-Adhesive Dressing is suitable for the management of wounds with moderate to high volumes of exudate. Its unique four-layer construction works in a precise sequence to deliver...
$78.15 $60.03

Opsite Smith & Nephew Post Op Transparent Waterproof Dressing: 8" x 4", 20 Count, Sterile Transparent

Features: OpSite Transparent Post-Op Dressing Impermeable to water and body fluids, allowing the patient to shower without changing dressings. Provides a bacterial barrier, helping to reduce the risk of secondary...
$46.49 $35.31

Dynarex Flexible Fabric Bandages: .75" x 3", 100 Count Tan

Features: Adhesive Fabric Bandages Non-stick pad is highly absorbent and helps to cushion wound. Flexible adhesive fabric stretches and conforms to body contours for effective and comfortable protection. Latex free....
$6.49 $4.46

Mepore 671000 Self-Adhesive Absorbent Island Dressing, Sterile, Non-Woven, Elastic 3-3/5" x 6" Box of 50

Mepore is an air permeable, self-adhesive and absorbent dressing designed especially for surgical wounds. Absorbent, low-adherent wound pad keeps wounds clean, reduces the risk of wound contamination, minimizes the risk...
$52.49 $40.18

Molnlycke 610500 Super Absorbent Dressing Box of 10

Mextra Superabsorbent is a non-adhesive dressing, suitable for the management of wounds with moderate to high volumes of exudate. Mextra Superabsorbents unique four-layer construction works in a precise sequence to...
$157.99 $120.54