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Baby Formula & Feeding

Ameda Hospital Discharge Breast Pump Kit, 1 Count

Features: A simple kit for mothers to manually pump breast milk Contents: One-hand breast pump, washable nursing pad, lanolin sample Manufacturer part number: Ameda 700P
$48.99 $36.84
Baby Formula & Feeding

Ameda/Evenflo Dual Hygienikit Milk Collection System: Dual HygieniKit, 1 Count

Ameda Dual Hygienikit Collection System is an exclusive, patented and most effective milk collection system available today. The kits unique silicone diaphragm acts as a barrier, separating the user from...
$45.99 $34.85
Baby Formula & Feeding

Ameda 17069P Breast Pump Kit, 1 Each

The Ameda Breast Pump Kit has an ergonomic design of the one-hand handle allows mothers to achieve multi-phase pumping by varying handle squeezes to mimic their baby’s nursing rhythm. Ergonomic...

What Are Breast Pumps?

As a parent, it is understandable that you’re worried about feeding your baby. Nowadays, devices like breast pumps offer great help for busy mothers and caregivers. Human breast milk meets a growing infant’s nutritional needs. Breast pumps allow caregivers to have control over the feeding schedule. It also allows caregivers to share the responsibilities of feeding and promote the balance of childcare duties.

Breast pumps are FDA-approved medical devices that let a mother draw her milk by suction. Some mothers choose to pump directly after feeding and store it in the freezer. It’s important to note that breast milk expires even when it’s frozen so it’s important to label each bottle. An ideal breast pump should provide an adequate suction and be quiet enough so that you can pump at night or even at work.

Get Breast Pumps From ExpressMed Today

ExpressMed offers the Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pump with its associated accessories. It has separate speed and suction dials. The protection system ensures that the tubing always remains dry and that there’s no air flow so the milk is always pure. There are other breast pump alternatives including Ameda’s manual breast pump. Sign up for our loyalty program to earn points that are redeemable for discounts. Or you can subscribe to our AutoShip & Save Service to receive scheduled shipments and enjoy more discounts.

For more information about our breast pumps, feel free to contact us or call us at 1-877-822-2719 today.