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Stratasorb MSC30414 Composite Island Dressing box of 10

Stratasorb island dressings can be used for a variety of wounds at any stage. They are designed for versatility. Stratasorb composite island dressing has four distinct layers designed to cover...
$120.49 $92.29

Fourflex MultiLayer Bandage System, 1 Kit

Fourflex bandages are designed for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and associated edema. Features: Effective appropriate compression Extended wear time Absorbs drainage Efficient packaging Contraindicated for patients with severe...
$44.49 $33.50

Fourpress 43400000 4 Layer Compression Bandage. Case of 8

Features: A multi-layer bandaging system for optimum compression and absorbency in managing venous leg ulcers These four bandages work together to provide effective, sustained compression for up to seven days...
$154.49 $118.41

What are Multi-Layer Bandages?

Sometimes having to buy a few items just to dress and secure a laceration or an injury can be inconvenient. However, with multi-layer bandages, you can easily tend to all the stages of wound care. Just by purchasing one product and not a few, you’re on your way to recovery. At the same time, you don’t have to pay extra bucks for different products that need to be used for different stages of the wound.

Multi-layer bandages are also known as multi-layer compression bandaging systems. They are designed mainly to apply sustained sequential compression in managing wounds and chronic venous leg ulcers. To understand more about how these bandages work, let’s look at the conditions they are used for:

  • Wounds - For these problems, a multi-layer bandage such as the Stratasorb Composite Island Dressing can be used. This has a total of four layers, each has a function of its own. The first layer protects the wound site while the second absorbs the drainage. The third layer secures the contact pad in position and the fourth prevents dirt and germs from contaminating the area.
  • Leg Ulcers - For these conditions, Fourflex Multi-Layer Bandage Kit is a product which can be used. It’s specifically manufactured to treat chronic venous insufficiency and related edema. It also has four layers, which function the same way as the layers of Stratasorb do.

Get Multi-Layer Bandages From ExpressMed Today

You can shop multi-layer bandages at the ExpressMed online store. Whatever the condition you’re dealing with, we have a first-rate bandage system that will help you with your problem. The best thing about our products, they are priced reasonably, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

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