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Learning Center

ExpressMed want to be able to assist you with your medical needs alongside giving you a great knowledge base on our products before purchasing. Our learning center is a perfect place for us to do that with buying guides, medical information and suggested products.

About Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by either a deficiency of insulin or the decreased ability of the body to use insulin. Here is our guide on how to cope and deal with diabetes.


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Bariatric Buying Guide

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Often it can be hard to choose between items and their variations, for this we have our buying guide.


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Commodes Buying Guide

A commode is a piece of furniture that looks like a chair but has a container in the seat. Our buying guide will help you choose what's right for your needs.


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Living with Incontinence

Icontinence can make life difficult but there is now a huge variety of products that can help ease these diffculties. Here we have our recommended products and guides on how to cope.


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Rollator Buying Guide

Rollators were designed to provide additional functionality and convenience over standard walkers. They offer greater support and an easier walking experience.


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Transport Chairs

Transport chairs, also known as companion wheelchairs, have four small wheels instead of two small and two large. A transport chair is designed to only be pushed by the a caregiver.


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