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Mckesson Medi-Pak Vaginal Speculum: 10 Count, Clear, Large, 1.33" x 5.33"

McKesson Vaginal Speculum saves both time and money by eliminating the need for decontamination and sterilization. Simply discard each speculum after use. Comfortable. Plastic material avoids temperature shock and actuator...
$14.49 $10.50
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McKesson Argent Surgical Cautery Tip 1 Count

Features: - McKesson Argent Surgical Systems Cautery Tips - Available as high temperature fine tips. They're ideal for procedures requiring precise homeostasis: cardiovascular, thoracic, occult-plastic, orthopedic and hand surgery procedures....
$15.49 $11.50
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A&D Medical AC Power Adapter

Product Details: Weight: .14lb Dimensions: 3.4" X 4.55" X 1.85" Item Description: AC Power adapter for use with A&D BP units that are AC adapter capable.
$24.99 $18.57
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Miltex Scalpel Size 10, Box of 10

Integra Miltex Standard Sterile Scalpel, Disposable, Size 10. 10EA/BX. Stainless steel, razor-sharp cutting edge for superior cutting and clean incisions. Preassembled Scalpels Have Stainless Steel Surgical Blades Mounted on Plastic...
$18.15 $14.03
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McKesson Consult Printer Paper Rolls, McKesson 120 or McKesson CONSULT U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer, Box of 4

McKesson Consult Printer Paper Rolls (Adhesive Backing) Use with the McKesson 120 or McKesson CONSULT U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer (MFR # 121-120 or 121-U120) Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex....
$27.99 $20.53
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Autoject II Self Injection Device

Syringes are an essential part of diabetes management; however using needles is not a comfortable experience. The Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Syringe Injector makes syringe self-injection easy by reducing anxiety...
$47.99 $35.99
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Medline Industries DYNJ04058Z Skin Staple Remover, Metal, Sterile, Disposable Count of 1

Medline Sterile Skin Staple Remover provides fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples. It is disposable, latex free and constructed of stainless steel. Depending on the...
$4.15 $3.16
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Precise Skin Staple Remover, Metal, Plier Style, Handle

This skin staple remover from Precise reflects its namesake in its precision. Its plier-style handle makes using it as simple as ABC. Features: Disposable skin staple remover is designed to...
$9.99 $6.60
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Mckesson Vaginal Speculum Graves Plastic Medium Double Blade Duckbill Disposable Pack of 10

Saves both time and money by eliminating the need for decontamination and sterilization. Simply discard each speculum after use. Made from a high-strength, non-toxic plastic; clear and lightweight. Comfortable plastic...
$8.49 $6.39
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Vyaire Medical TMS-09 ADJ CPAP Chin Strap 1 Each

Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap The strap that passes over the back of the head is approximately 3 inches wide The strap that passes over the top or crown of the head...
$25.99 $19.60
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Dynarex 4409 Surgical Drape Box of 50

Features: Dynarex Disposable Towel Drapes Fenestrated, Sterile, Box of 50 Dynarex Diposable Towel Drape For use in minor surgical or therapeutic procedures where a sterile field or drape is required....
$21.15 $16.12
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Mckesson 53-28502 Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Detergent. Case of 4

McKesson instrument detergent is a powerful option for deep cleaning of medical instruments. Features: -McKesson Multi-Enzymatic Cleanser - Spring Fragrance -Gallon (3.785 L) -Contains a synergistic combination of multiple enzymes,...
$128.99 $98.53
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Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Gel Transmission 8.5 oz Squeeze Bottle

The World Standard for Medical Ultrasound Transmission, AQUASONIC 100 is the most widely used gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound. Recommended for all procedures where a viscous gel is...
$7.15 $5.04