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1 Piece Ostomy Bags

Karaya Barrier Powder

The Karaya Powder 2-1/2 oz. Bottle is a skin powder that protects skin from irritating fluids and bacteria. It features Karaya, a natural skin barrier, which has unique skin care...
$18.15 $14.10
1 Piece Ostomy Bags

Coloplast Micro-Guard Anti-Fungal Powder: 1 Count, 3 oz

Micro-Guard Powder Anti-fungal with 2% Miconazole Nitrate in a non-caking corn starch base for the treatment of superficial skin infections caused by yeast (candidiasis), jock itch (tinea cruris), ringworm (tinea...
$15.49 $11.24
Best Sellers

Thick & Easy Food and Beverage Thickener 4.5 Gram Individual Packet Unflavored Ready to Mix Nectar, 1 Count

Thick & Easy Instant Food & Beverage Thickener 4.5g, Nectar, Gluten-free, Lactose-free Food thickener makes it easier, more appealing, and safer for swallowing-impaired patients to ingest foods. So versatile, they...
$3.15 $2.07
1 Piece Ostomy Bags

Coloplast Antifungal Micro-Guard 2% Strength Powder 3 oz. Shaker Bottle Case of 12

Antifungal Powder Micro-Guard 3 oz. Lightly Scented. Non-caking. For the treatment of superficial skin infections caused by yeast, jock itch, ringworm and athlete's foot. Features: Helps reduce friction and shearing...
$180.99 $138.68

What Powder Products Do We Carry?

Whether you are looking for a powder to treat skin infections, protect your skin from fluids, or even powder to thicken food and beverages, you can find them here at ExpressMed. We carry a wide range of powered products to meet your needs.

Need some relief and treatment from skin infections? You can count on the antifungal powder to relieve any redness or burning, itching, and scaling sensations. Made with corn starch base, it is well-suited for treating yeast infections, athletes’ feet, jock itch, and ringworm.

For people living with an ostomy, using the barrier powder can help to improve adherence to the ostomy pouch. The powder absorbs moisture, and when applied to inflamed areas, it becomes a gel that protects the raw skin. It can also help with skin breakdown and abrasions caused by ostomy pouch wear, sensitivity to skin products, discharge leakage, or incorrectly sized skin barriers.

Opt for a gluten-free, lactose-free food thickener to make eating more manageable and safer for those with swallowing difficulties. Food thickener can be added to food and beverages without altering their taste.

Get Powder Products From ExpressMed Today

Our powder products include products from top health brands such as Coloplast, Karaya, Thick & Easy, and Micro-Guard. Remember to enroll in our loyalty program to earn points when you purchase from us. These points can be redeemed or coupons and discounts. And for your convenience, you can also subscribe to our AutoShip & Save Service to get discounts and regular shipments. Order with us today!

For more information about our Powder Products, feel free to contact us or call us at 1-877-822-2719 today.