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MiniMed Infusion set IV3000 Transparent Adhesive Film: Transparent, 2.3" x 2.75", 30 Count

The Minimed IV3000 transparent dressing is specifically designed to comfortably fit around all Medtronic Minimed branded infusion sets. The clear tape is made to comfortably adhere to your skin, while...
$38.49 $29.23
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ReliaMed Transparent Thin Film IV Site Adhesive Dressing: 2.4" x 2.75", 100 Count

ReliaMed Sterile Latex-Free Transparent Thin Film IV Site Adhesive Dressing, 2-3/8" x 2-3/4" Provides an occlusive barrier to moisture and bacteria. Allows for easy, one-handed application. Features a high moisture...
$44.99 $33.61
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Medline Suresite 123 Transparent Dressing: 4" x 4.8", 50 Count

The Medline Suresite 123 Transparent Film Dressing, 4"X4.8", is an easy to apply transparent film dressing. Traditional moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). Conformable; won't stick to itself. Microporous technology Permits...
$25.99 $18.95
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Tegaderm HP 9534HP Transparent Film Dressing Box of 100

3M Healthcare Tegaderm HP (Holding Power) Transparent Film Dressing with Label 2-3/8" x 2-3/4" Sacral Shape, Sterile, Adhesive, Water-proof, Frame Style, Latex-free, Thin Film Backing Tegaderm HP Transparent Dressing offers...
$58.99 $44.86
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Tegaderm 9536HP HP Transparent Film Dressing, Box of 50

Tegaderm HP 9536HP is an adhesive bandage that is designed to be simultaneously thin and transparent. Manufactured by 3M, this dressing is designed for advanced wound management. It provides high...
$84.99 $64.99
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Polyskin II 6640 Transparent Dressing 2" x 23/4" Box of 100

Polyskin II transparent dressings consist of a thin, polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive. A simple, effective delivery system allows for one-handed application. The dressings are ideal for IV...
$36.99 $27.54
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3M Tegaderm 1616 Transparent Film Dressing with Border, Box of 50

3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing with Border is used to cover and secure I.V. sites to protect at-risk skin, or as a primary or secondary dressing over acute wounds, surgical...
$124.49 $95.48