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Medline Guardian Aluminum Adult Forearm Crutches, Fits Users 5'-6'2" Tall, 1 Pair

The Medline Guardian Forearm Crutches has telescoping parts that are manufactured with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide totally silent usage. Vinyl-coated, tapered, contoured arm cuffs mold to...
$107.99 $51.76

Medline Forearm Crutches: Adult, 5'10" - 6'6", 300 lbs. Weight Capacity Aluminum

A good set of forearm crutches are hard to find. Ones that are quiet when in use are even better. Medline Guardian Forearm Crutches are so quiet, you will not...
$47.99 $35.78
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Medline Youth Forearm Crutches 1 Pair

It's important for many reasons to have just the right set of crutches for your walking experience. Having a set of uncomfortable crutches can lead to skin irritation, rashes or...
$41.99 $31.60
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Drive Medical Steel Forearm Crutches 1 Pair per Box, 1 Box

Features: Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing Vinyl coated, ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability Vinyl hand grips are comfortable and durable Extra large...

What Are Forearm Crutches?

If you are looking for crutches, you will come across different types, including gutter crutches, underarm crutches, and forearm crutches. At ExpressMed, we make sure that you get the best ones from the most trusted brands.

Like canes, ExpressMed has various choices for crutches too, and forearm crutches are included in our wide variety of offers. It is a type of walking device used to transfer weight from the lower body or legs to the upper body. Also known as Canadian crutches, lofstrand crutches, or elbow crutches, forearm crutches have a single upright handgrip and a forearm cuff. When choosing one, you must make sure that it can be height-adjusted between 74 to 89 cm (29 to 35 inches).

Get Forearm Crutches From Expres Med Today

ExpressMed knows how difficult it is to suffer from a condition that can hinder your mobility, whether short-term or long-term. This is why we are always committed to making life easier for patients, and we can do that by offering high-quality products, such as forearm crutches, in our online store. When you order from us, you can have the assurance that we will ship your items fast.

Browse our website for many other products that we have lined up for you. Sign up for our loyalty program to earn points that are redeemable for discounts. Or you can subscribe to our AutoShip & Save Service to receive scheduled shipments and enjoy more discounts.

For more information about our forearm crutches, feel free to contact us or call us at 1-877-822-2719 today.