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Mckesson Prevent Sharps Wall Cabinet with Glove Box: 1 Count, Neutral, 15" H x 12.25" W x 4.75" D, 1-Box

Features: Prevent Sharps Wall Cabinet with Glove Box. Neutral Color. Dimensions: 12.25W x 4.75D x 15H Inch Sturdy cabinets mount to the wall to ensure container's vertical position. Viewing window...
$68.49 $52.32
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Biohazard Multipurpose Sharps Containers, Red, 1 Gallon

Sharps containers are the safe and legal way to dispose of dangerous objects, such as syringes. Features: These containers are designed for use in restricted access areas Nestable containers save...
$9.15 $7.05
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Medline Phlebotomy Sharps Containers: Red, 100 Count

Medline's biohazard containers are able to hold multiple bio-hazardous materials for later dispensary. The Phlebotomy Sharps Containers, much smaller in size by comparison, are lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-see containers designed...
$234.99 $179.69
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Prevent Sharps Container 2-Piece, 5 Quart Red Base Horizontal Entry Lid, Box of 10

McKesson offers sharps containers and accessories that feature OSHA-compliant safety features and excellent performance. The line was created to help protect our customers by limiting their exposure to sharps and...
$72.49 $55.40
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Attest Biological Indicator for Steam Sterilizer with Test Pack for Gravity and Vacuum: 100 Count, Brown (Cap)

Features: Biological indicator vials are easy-to-use, and interpret with visual color readout in 48 hours. Self-contained biological indicators significantly reduce possibility of contamination, minimizing false positives and assuring more accurate...
$483.99 $371.84
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McKesson Medi-Pak Multi-purpose Sharps Container 2-Piece 13.5H X 12.5W X 6D Inch 3 Gallon Red Base

McKesson Multi Purpose Sharps Container Medi-Pak 2-Piece 3 Gallon from is puncture resistant and a strong polypropylene container that meet or exceed industry standards. Is autoclave/incinerator safe so when...
$12.49 $9.22
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Covidien ChemoSafety Container with Hinged Lid 2 Gallon

For disposal of chemotherapy waste, ChemoSafety containers accommodate different sizes of waste materials and sharps, including syringes, ampoules and prep materials.
$13.49 $10.26
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Metrex Research The Solidifier: 1500 mL, 1 Count

The Solidifier is an easy-to-use, cost-effective liquid medical waste solidification product. Features: Solidifies liquid medical waste in suction canisters Helps comply with Department of Transportation regulations for the proper transport...
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Medline Phlebotomy Biohazard Sharps Containers, Red, 1 qt

These sharps containers are necessary for disposal of sharps, offering easy use and safe disposal. Portable sharps containers are designed to fit into blood drawing trays for point-of-use disposal Square...
$9.99 $7.79
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SharpSafety Autodrop Phlebotomy Red Container, 1 Quart

Kendall Healthcare SharpSafety Autodrop Phlebotomy Container 1 Quart, Red Features: Kendall Phlebotomy Sharps Container is compact in size. Allows for disposal of a variety of sharps such as lancets, butterfly...
$6.49 $4.49
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SharpSafety Kendall Large Volume Container with Sliding Lid, 18 gal, Case of 5

Kendall SharpSafety Large Volume Container with Sliding Lid, 18 gal Adjustable, sliding lids can provide temporary closure when container is not in use. Carrying handles and carts with wheels are...
$217.15 $167.15
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SharpSafety 8970 1-Piece Multi-purpose Sharps Container, Case of 20

This Multi-Purpose Sharps Container by Covidien has an adjustable rotor opening or hinged lids accommodate a variety of sizes of sharps and provide temporary and permanent closure. Adjustable rotor opening...
$147.99 $112.96
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Covidien 8836SA Pharmaceutical Waste Container, Case of 10

The sharp Safety pharmaceutical waste containers are developed exclusively to meet state regulations for pharmaceutical waste. White with Blue lids, they are easily distinguished from other disposal containers. Each has...
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SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container 1-Piece 26H X 18.25W X 12.75D Inch 18 Gallon Red Base Hinged Lid, Case of 5

The SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container 1-Piece 26H X 18.25W X 12.75D Inch 18 Gallon Red Base Hinged Lid Large Volume sharps containers are designed to accomodate sharps of all sizes....
$229.99 $175.98
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BD Guardian Sharps Collector, 5.4 qt, Red, Horizontal, Latex-Free

10-4/3" x 12" x 4-1/2", 5.4 qt, Red, Horizontal, Latex-Free BD Patient Exam Room Collector has visible fill level indicators and handles for safe transportation. It is compatible with locking...
$14.15 $11.14