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Perifresh Perineal Wash: Liquid 1 gal. Jug Fresh Fruit Scent, 1 Count

PeriFresh perineal skin cleanser is a mild rinse-free cleanser spray designed for incontinence use. Special non-drying formula. Nourishes and soothes with Aloe Vera. Leaves skin clean and healthy. More convenient...
$12.15 $9.13

Medline Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Wipes: 816 Count White

Aloetouch full-sized, standard weight, durable wet wipes with a touch of soothing aloe are ideal for everyday clean-ups and incontinence care The ph-balanced, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free wipes provide exceptional skin...
$51.49 $39.39

Soothe & Cool No Rinse Perineal Wash with Aloe 8 oz Spray Bottle - 1 Each

Soothe and Cool No Rinse Perineal Spray, manufactured by Medline, is a no rinse perineal spray that is non irritating to the skin. Perineal sprays are designed for patients with...
$12.15 $9.04

Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash, Liquid, 4 oz. Pump Bottle, Citrus Scent, 1 Bottle

The Aloe Vesta perineal / skin cleanser is designed for incontinence cleansing It contains a strong surfactant system to clean and emollients to moisturize Store in USP controlled room temperature...

Coloplast Bedside-Care Sensitive Skin Foam: 8 fl oz/237 mL, 1 Count

The Coloplast Bedside-Care Sensitive Skin Foaming Cleanser 8 oz, is No-rinse, Tear-free, Hypoallergenic, and Latex-free The Foaming Cleanser is pH-balanced and formulated with gentle ingredients and extra emollients to provide...
$13.49 $10.31

ConvaTec Sensi-Care 324509 Perineal Wash 1 Each

Sensi-Care Peroneal/Skin Cleanser is formulated as an extra gentle, no rinse cleanser design for incontinence cleansing. Features: No-rinse skin cleanser formulated to remove odor-causing soils Alcohol-free and pH-balanced Can be...

Ultra-Soft Dry Cleansing Wipes, 10" x 13", Case of 1500

Softness, strength and absorbency all in one. Softer than reusables on fragile or sensitive skin. These cleansing wipes feature a Soft-Spun fabric that provides softness and strength similar to natural...
$132.99 $101.84

Secura Personal Skin Cleanser Liquid 8 oz. Bottle Scented, Case of 24

The Secura Personal Cleanser is an antimicrobial skin cleanser or Incontinence Cleanser used for perineum and body cleansing from Smith & Nephew. Secura Personal Cleanser is formulated for incontinence cleanup...
$50.99 $38.67

Medline Aloetoch Protect Dimethicone Skin Protectant Wipes: 8" x 12", Case of 24 Packs, 24 Wipes per Pack White

The Aloetouch PROTECT Dimethicone Skin Protectant Wipes super-soft, single patient use, medium weight cloths are gentle on the skin Contains 3.2% dimethicone, a skin protectant active ingredient that helps protect...
$92.99 $70.98

Soothe & Cool No Rinse Perineal With Aloe (Unscented) Spray 8oz, Pack of 3

Soothe and Cool body cleanser is a quick, sprayable body cleanser that is formulated to be used on sensitive skin. Features: Soothe and Cool Total Body Cleanser makes patient clean-up...
$18.99 $13.85

ConvaTec Sensi-Care 324504 Perineal Wash Liquid 4oz 1 Pump Bottle

Formulated for patients sensitive to irritating fragrances, preservatives, and harsh cleansers. Extra-gentle no-rinse cleanser ideal for incontinence cleansing. Features: Contains special conditioners and emollients to soothe and moisturize fragile, sensitive...

Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash, Liquid, 8 oz. Pump Bottle, Citrus Scent, 1 Dozen Bottles

Features: The Aloe Vesta perineal / skin cleanser is designed for incontinence cleansing It contains a strong surfactant system to clean and emollients to moisturize Active ingredient: hydrolyzed collagen

Dynarex 4850 Perineum Wash, 1 Pump Bottle

Dynarex has a long history of providing top quality hygienic and medical supplies. This perineal wash is intended for use on sensitive skin. It requires no rinsing, and is easy...
$4.99 $2.92

Comfort Shield Bath Wipe: 8 Count, 8.5" x 8.5", Soft Pack

Proven Barrier Protection, Petroleum-Based Barriers Sage Comfort Shield Barrier Cloth with Dimethicone delivers all-in-one skin cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, treatment and barrier protection. It provides proven barrier protection, helps eliminate mess...
$8.49 $6.33

Medi-aire Odor Neutralizer 1 Count, Unscented, Spray, 1 oz, 1 Count

Features: -Bard Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator. -Unscented Spray. -1 oz. -Chemically eliminates odors associated with urine, feces, emesis and necrotic tissue.
$6.99 $4.59

What are Cleaners?

Cleaners are very important for hygienic purposes. Whether you are an adult looking to clean after answering nature's call, or you are a teenager just simply wanting your skin to be nourished after every wash, these products are perfect for you. At ExpressMed, we make sure you have different options coming from various brands for cleaners.

Cleaners are used by every single person who wants to keep feeling fresh and clean all day long. They are perfect for incontinence use, and a whole lot of other purposes. They are filled with nourishing and soothing ingredients, and can sometimes be in spray form, like the Perifresh Perineal Wash. Formulated with aloe vera, this leaves the skin feeling clean and healthy. Its fruity scent adds to its value as a product.

Also forming part of the list of cleaners that we have at ExpressMed are personal cleansing wipes with soothing aloe, no-rinse perineal sprays, and bath wipes. Our range is limitless, and each package comes with no less than the best products that help eliminate mess in no time.

Get Cleaner Products From ExpressMed Today

At ExpressMed, we have a range of cleaners that are sure to keep you feeling fresh and dry after every bathroom visit. We are recognized by our partners in the healthcare industry, and even patients who order directly from us. With the endeavor to provide health and wellness products at affordable prices, you will surely love shopping with us. Of course, we are working with no less than the best brands out there, among them are McKesson, Medline, and Convatec.

For more information about our products for cleaners, feel free to contact us or call us at 1-877-822-2719 today.