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6 Reasons To Order Iodoform Gauze Packing Strips

6 Reasons To Order Iodoform Gauze Packing Strips

6 Reasons To Order Iodoform Gauze Packing Strips

The cotton gauze used in Iodoform gauze packing strips is densely woven to create a sturdy packing material to aid the sterile drainage of open and/or infected wounds. These strips will not fray or lint, and they will not unravel either. They can be used for a variety of wound care purposes, including but not limited to nasal or sinus packing, abscesses, fistulas, boils, and other wounds that require drainage or tunneling. Here are several reasons why you need to order iodoform gauze packing strips.

Using Iodoform Gauze Packing Strips

Antimicrobial and therapeutic qualities of iodoform are infused into a gauze fabric to create iodoform gauze. Patients with infected wounds that may have necrotic or dead tissue buildup are typically treated with iodoform gauze dressings in clinical settings. Gauze is commonly used in dental and orthodontic settings for packing cavities and preventing dry sockets. Medicated wound dressings like those made from iodoform are often sold in long strips and sealed in a bottle. Absorbent and constructed in strips, they can be packed into a wound of significant depth while remaining loose and porous enough to allow a wound to drain. Although iodoform strips have been soaked in antiseptic, they do not feel damp to the touch. To preserve the gauze's mechanical properties, they are just slightly dampened, but they nonetheless limit the growth of infection and necrotic tissue.

Effective Removal of Necrotic Tissue

A study was conducted to demonstrate the treatment of wounds using iodoform packing strips. Its results showed that the strips removed necrotic tissue more effectively in contrast to treating it with conventional ointments.

Removes Wound Fluid Proteins

The research also studied the differences  iodoform packing strips would make in wound fluid proteins during wound treatment. It found that the proteins were remarkably decreased as opposed to wounds treated with conventional gauze.

Releases Type 1 Collagen

It was also found that iodoform gauze packing strips are able to release non-aggregative type 1 collagen from necrotic debris in vitro through lytic activity for collagen fibers.


Iodoform gauze packing strips are cost-effective as they are often sold in an extensive dimension to be cut individually to match the exact size of the wound to be treated. The remaining packing strips can be stored back in the original bottle for separate use another time.


Iodoform gauze packing strips are widely used by healthcare institutions like clinics and hospitals due to their efficiency in wound treatment. As such, rest assured that you are indeed making use of high-quality strips that will deliver optimal results in each wound treatment.


As compared to conventional gauze, iodoform gauze packing strips are the best in class. They are highly reliable and exceed user expectations. The properties that the gauze strips carry deliver exactly the results that users expect in each wound treatment.

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