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What's So Special About Oil Emulsion Dressing?

What's So Special About Oil Emulsion Dressing?

What's So Special About Oil Emulsion Dressing?

Oil emulsion dressings are sterile dressings used ideally to dress low to non-exudating drainage wounds such as abrasions, open ulcers, surgical incisions, first or second-degree burns, donor sites, and more. It consists of a knitted, non-adherent cellulose acetate infused with white petrolatum in an oil emulsion blend. The design of the dressing is such that it allows exudates to flow without adhering to the wound bed. Oil emulsion dressings are excellent for medical professionals to use during emergencies in hospitals or clinics. Read on to learn about the features of oil emulsion dressing and what makes it special.

Benefits of Oil Emulsion Dressings

  • They are highly comfortable dressings. 
  • An oil emulsion dressing is designed with a permeable knitted fabric that supports the free drainage of exudates into the absorbent dressing.
  • They support wound drainage.
  • They are not made with natural rubber latex and are excellent for treating low to non-exudating wounds.
  • They minimize skin maceration.
  • Oil emulsion dressing is a non-adherent primary dressing that supports autolytic healing while sustaining a moist wound environment.
  • They are available in various size options
  • One-of-a-kind sterile, stay-flat packaging
  • They are inexpensive wound dressings

Features of Oil Emulsion Dressings

  • One-piece removal
  • Requires a secondary dressing
  • Usable on infected wounds
  • Intact when saturated
  • Antimicrobial format available
  • Highly Flexible, moldable, and cuttable.

How to Use Oil Emulsion Dressings

The first step in dressing a wound is to ensure it’s properly cleaned and treated as directed by a physician. Next, use the right size of sterile non-adherent oil emulsion dressing as a base primary dressing to cover the surface of the wound. Then, cover the oil emulsion dressing with a secondary moisture-retentive dressing for absorbency and protection. Use first aid tape to firmly secure both primary and secondary dressings from the center to the edges. You can change the oil emulsion dressing as instructed by the physician; nonetheless, a non-adherent oil emulsion dressing can remain in place for up to seven days. 

Wound care

After applying your oil emulsion dressing, there are certain lifestyle changes you can adapt to speed up your wound healing process and recover as quickly as possible. 

  • Provide your body with healing energy: Taking the needed nutrients to support your recovery and healing process is vital. Start by including proteinous foods like eggs and chicken into your diet. Also, research shows that vitamin C found in fruits can boost your healing process, while foods like fish which contains B12 and iron, help the body in forming new blood cells. Avoid sugary snacks or sports drinks as they contain sodium which can lead to swelling.
  • Remain hydrated: Non-carbonated beverages and low-calorie fluids can help with your healing process. Fruits like grapes and strawberries are also great for hydration.
  • Follow instructions: After applying a wound dressing, it is essential to take all prescribed medications and follow your doctor's instructions regarding wound care. Avoid removing your dressing before the set date. If you feel discomfort, it's best to contact your doctor for proper treatment.

Wound Care at ExpressMed

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