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Tips To Maintain Your Omron Nebulizer

Tips To Maintain Your Omron Nebulizer

Tips To Maintain Your Omron Nebulizer

Omron nebulizers are built to last and have been meticulously tested to reliably administer your asthma medicine. However, knowing how to maintain your asthma nebulizer is crucial, as it will improve your ability to control the side effects of your nebulizer treatments. If you want to keep your asthma nebulizer in good condition, you should clean it after each usage. This will maintain your nebulizer device clear of bacteria and germs and help prevent any clogs. Follow the tips below to properly maintain your nebulizer in good condition for an extended period of time.

Cleaning Nebulizer After Use

The nebulizer device (the inhalation top and the medication tank), the mask, the mouthpiece, and the nosepiece (if you need one) should all be cleaned after each usage. Prepare a basin of warm water and a small amount of mild detergent, wash the items in it, and then rinse and dry them thoroughly. You should also run water over the vaporizer head to clean it. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer, microwave, or any other form of artificial heat to dry the components, as doing so could potentially cause harm to the device. Never put the compressor or air tube through the dishwasher. If you want to clean these components with a damp cloth, ensure that the power is turned off first. If the air filter gets wet, you should not clean it. Instead, you should simply have it replaced.

Weekly Cleaning of Nebulizer

Once a week, you should also wash and disinfect all the removable components of the nebulizer kit. The nebulizer set, including the optional nosepiece and the mouthpiece, can be boiled for 15 to 20 minutes if desired. You may also boil the vaporizer head, but you should not throw it in with any other objects because it is rather fragile. In addition, you should never use a brush on the vaporizer's head because it could scratch the glass. Care must be taken to ensure that the parts are boiled in an adequate amount of water. If the pan runs dry, the contents may be damaged or potentially become a fire hazard. Take care to avoid burns when you carefully take the components out of the boiling water. Never put the face mask or air tube in a boiling pot of water. Similarly, do not put your nebulizer through an autoclave or plasma sterilizer, as doing so can destroy its components. Your Omron nebulizer needs to be kept in a secure location when not in use, preferably with a lid. Remember to keep your medication in the refrigerator or freezer as prescribed.

Changing Nebulizer Air Filter

It is recommended to replace your Omron nebulizer every 60 days. You need to simply pull the cover of the air filter from the compressor, replace the filter, then put the cover back on. Always make sure that the air filter is attached firmly. The air filter should not be washed. A full replacement will maintain the proper function of your nebulizer. During use or while cleaning, the air filter may get wet. It needs to also be replaced in such a situation.

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