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What Is A Lancet For Diabetes? Three Types To Consider

What Is A Lancet For Diabetes? Three Types To Consider

What Is A Lancet For Diabetes? Three Types To Consider

Checking glucose levels by poking your finger is an important aspect of everyday diabetes treatment. Even persons who use continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, must periodically check and calibrate their devices to a new drop of blood.  However, this method of blood testing is often uncomfortable and unpleasant. In this article, we examine four sets of lancing devices and lancets in order to help you relieve this discomfort. What is a lancet for diabetes?  Read on to find out.

About Lancets

A lancet is a tiny plastic device that holds a needle securely in place. They come with a protective cover over the needle tip that must be removed before usage. There's a safety cover on the lancet that keeps the needle sterile and prevents inadvertent jabs once it's inserted into the lancing device.

Lancet needles are rated in gauges, or 'G' ratings, and available in a variety of widths. The less uncomfortable a needle is to use, the narrower and finer it is. Larger gauge numbers, on the other hand, indicate narrower and finer needles, while smaller gauge numbers indicate thicker, heavier needles. As a result, a 33G lancet is more desired than a 30G lancet because it is thinner.

Accu-Chek FastClix

This variant features a pre-installed barrel, so instead of replacing the lancets after each usage, a patient may store six lancets per unit. The Accu-Chek FastClix additionally has a lever and a counter, allowing the user to quickly go on to the next lancet while simultaneously keeping track of how many are left in the drum.

This type, according to Accu-Chek, offers 11 depth options. A locking device is also in place to prevent lancing mishaps.

McKesson 16-PBSL23G Safety Lancet Fixed Depth Lancet Needle 1.8 mm Depth 23 Gauge Push Button 

For efficiency and convenience, this lancet provides painless, accurate sampling of blood at a button’s touch. The optimum needle’s length of 1.8 mm provides reliability by ensuring enough blood flow. It has 23-gauge gamma-sterilized needles that are entirely protected and covered by a sterile cap. For gentle fingertip sampling, the silicone-coated, electro-polished needle with high piercing speed minimizes pain and aids recovery.

Prevent Safety Lancet Fixed Depth Lancet Needle 1.4 Mm Depth 25 Gauge Push Button

The design and safety features of this device include HP-Haemolance® Plus, as well as automated needle retraction and lockout. It minimizes the danger of cross-infection and helps to prevent needlestick injuries. The lancet is simple to use and only requires two steps. It is free of natural rubber latex and provides a sufficient amount of blood for various capillary tests.

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