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Vinyl Gloves: Uses And Benefits

Vinyl Gloves: Uses And Benefits

Vinyl Gloves: Uses And Benefits

Vinyl gloves have been a popular choice in the food and health industry for many years now because of their low cost and protective qualities. Vinyl gloves are used to protect your hands from any potential contaminants and to keep your hands clean. The uses of vinyl gloves go beyond just food preparation and they have other far-reaching benefits as well. Read on to learn more about the common uses and benefits of vinyl gloves!

What Are Vinyl Gloves?

Derived from synthetic polyvinyl chloride or PVC, vinyl gloves are excellent allergy-free options to latex and other natural rubber alternatives. They are water and oil resistant, and also have a reasonable tolerance towards alcohol, acids, salts and other water solutions.

Owing to its lower-elasticity properties compared to latex or nitrile, vinyl gloves offer users a superior comfortable, loose and soft fit. Their loose-fitting construction facilities donning and removing, making vinyl gloves ideal for short duration and high frequency change tasks, such as orthodontics, domestic use, food industry or residential use for cleaning patients.

That said, compared to latex or nitrile, vinyl gloves have greater permeability and may be less durable. For those with exposure risks to strong chemicals or biomedical substances,medical-grade nitrile or latex gloves are recommended.

Uses of Vinyl Gloves

Although nitrile gloves may offer a higher level of puncture resistance than vinyl gloves, vinyl is still a popular choice for many workplaces. Some of the common uses include:

  • Non-fatty food preparation

Vinyl gloves that are certified to EN1186 are suitable for contact with food, other than oily or fatty foods. These are cost-effective solutions for positions where you need regular disposal of gloves such as food service roles.

  • Painting and printing

It is important to protect your hands from paints and dyes when you are using them. Vinyl gloves will definitely help to do that. They give you a high level of protection for your hands while being easy and quick to wear and remove.

  • Cleaning and care work

If you come into contact with hazardous materials such as detergents and other general cleaning agents , you can use vinyl gloves to protect yourself from contamination when doing cleaning tasks.

  • Healthcare, hospital, and clinical work

Vinyl gloves can be used in light medical handling tasks such as non-invasive health check-ups and physical assessments with low risk of exposure to body fluids. Medical-grade vinyl gloves are better than standard vinyl gloves. They can also be used in places such as dentistry, tattooing, and beauty services.

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