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Top Must-Have Diabetes Care Supplies

Top Must-Have Diabetes Care Supplies

Top Must-Have Diabetes Care Supplies

Although there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed better with diabetes care supplies, such as blood glucose meters, which are vital to keeping your blood sugar levels in check and mitigating future complications.  Having the right diabetes care supplies is critical for all individuals with diabetes. 

So, what are additional healthcare supplies for healthy blood sugar and diabetes care? Let us guide you. 

Supplies For Monitoring Glucose Levels 

A glucose monitoring kit is instrumental in helping you keep regular track of the sugar levels in your blood. Doing so enables you to take early intervention measures to prevent your sugar levels from getting either too high or low and help delay or reduce the risk of long-term diabetes complications. 

Many of these kits feature glucose test strips, a monitor, lancing devices and lancets, and a carrying case for the monitor, testing strips, and insulin. The lancet helps you to draw a drop of blood by pricking the side of your fingertip. Subsequently, the blood is then applied to a test strip. The monitor then shows you how much glucose is in your blood. 

Additionally, glucose monitors come in many different types to suit your situation and needs. For instance, a glucose monitor with a voice function guide you through the testing process and provides you with your results would be more apt for those with poor eyesight. 

Supplies For Administering Insulin

Injections of insulin are vital to balancing blood glucose levels. As such, it is important to ensure you have the correct tools for administering insulin. These include insulin syringes and pens which use a small needle to inject insulin into your body. Additional supplies for administering insulin also include alcohol wipes to sanitize the injection site. It is also important to have a plastic container with you, for disposing of used needles appropriately, instead of throwing them into the waste bin with the needles exposed. 

Although slightly more expensive, it is also advisable to have an insulin pump on hand, as it is an invaluable tool for diabetes emergencies, such as when you are stuck somewhere and are unable to get access to your other medications and supplies. The insulin pump helps to deliver rapid doses of insulin through a catheter to keep your blood sugar levels stable until the end of the emergency. If you use a pump, it is also handy to store an emergency syringe or pen and insulin in your purse or wallet, as insulin pumps require a new infusion set every few days. However, do make certain that the extra insulin syringe or pen is kept safe and cool, such as with an insulin cooling wallet, to ensure that the insulin maintains its potency. 

Supplies that Administer Extra Glucose 

Diabetes causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate continuously. If your blood sugar levels drop too low, you would require a fast-acting supply of glucose to stabilize them. Therefore, it is advisable to have glucose tablets and gels readily available. It is also useful to keep a glucagon injection kit on hand so that someone else can administer you a boost of glucagon if the low blood sugar has caused seizures or unconsciousness. 

Managing diabetes is not easy, but with these diabetes care supplies, it won’t be as difficult. Take the time to ensure these diabetes care supplies are well-stocked to manage your diabetes and to enjoy a healthier future.

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