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How to Easily Travel with Incontinence and LOVE it: Our Essential Guide

How to Easily Travel with Incontinence and LOVE it: Our Essential Guide

How to Easily Travel with Incontinence and LOVE it: Our Essential Guide

How to Travel with Incontinence What is the worst thing that could happen while traveling? Your bags get lost, miss your flights, car breaks down, or bad weather? But what if there was something more daunting than logistics? What if you were living with a medical condition that made travel seem near impossible? Incontinence can be an uncomfortable subject and can make traveling seem too difficult. But what if you had the keys to successful and stress-less travel? You can enjoy travel the same as before your diagnosis. If you’re prepared, you can go back to focusing on the best parts of traveling and not your condition! Below are our most helpful (and discreet) tips for traveling with incontinence!

1. Keep to a Bathroom Schedule

Schedule extra time while you are traveling to take bathroom breaks. This will cut the risk of uncomfortable leaks during your trip. Set a timer or alarm clock for every 2-3 hours, depending on how often you use the bathroom at home. Assigning a bathroom break can also help reduce the risk of injury. It will also certify that you have enough time to use the bathroom in case there's an unavoidable long line! Incontinence Increases Risk of Injury by 26%

2. Underpads are Your #1 Must-Have

You may spend a lot of time sitting down, especially on a plane or in the car. Little leaks might happen, and that is completely normal! Don't worry, make sure to pack underpads in your carry on. You can increase discretion by having a lap blanket over you while sitting down. Make sure they are disposable for ease of use. If a leak does happen, bring a quick and easy change of clothes. Our selection of underpads will help you in an array of issues and settings.

3. Upgrade to Higher Absorbency

As much as you would like to stick to a routine, traveling can throw you off balance. Opt for a higher absorbency product and you reduce the chance for those leaks to slip through. For example, if you normally use moderate absorbency underwear, look for heavy absorbency. Keep in mind that a higher absorbency product doesn't mean you can wear the product for longer. This is extra protection in case you are far away from a bathroom or discreet place to change. Due to the increased time between changes, you may need a barrier cream to protect your skin from prolonged exposure. Travel Essentials

4. Contact Your Hotel Before Arrival

This might be sensitive, but if you call your hotel ahead of time, they will try to accommodate your needs. If you don't feel comfortable, have a loved one or caregiver call in advance. This may secure a room that has an easy to use bathroom. This is paramount for those with limited mobility (as we mentioned in our last travel post). The hotel will appreciate the forewarning and may provide a mattress protector.

5. Be Comfortable -- Incontinence is Normal

Remember you may feel worried about your incontinence issues, but lots of people have similar issues. You are not alone, and it is okay to continue to travel and enjoy life with this condition. If you're prepared and have the supplies you need, traveling should be fun! As always make sure to consult your doctor on best practices for you. We hope these tips help you find your courage to travel with ease. Share your best tips for traveling with incontinence, or the best places you've been!
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