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manage your blood sugars

How to manage your blood sugars when your work out!

How to manage your blood sugars when your work out!

Hey friends!

The weather is warmer, the days are getting longer, and it always means we get to spend more time outdoors! For those of us taking advantage of this and spending time working out outside, I'll be sharing some of the ways to help manage your blood sugars when you work out.

Through trial and error, I have found there are ways to have fun while working out and ensuring your blood sugars don't go too low (or high)! Do you have ways you manage your blood sugars when you work out? Make sure to share them with us below!

Check your blood sugars BEFORE you work out!

This might sound obvious, but I recommend doing this so you know exactly what you're working with. Depending on your type of workout - cardio vs weight-lifting - you might want to aim at a higher BG level or maybe a lower number and this can help with what kind of treatment decisions you may need to make!

Always bring what you may need... even if you don't need it at the moment!

Let me explain this! Your blood sugar may be PERFECT, neither low nor high. So you forgo bringing your insulin or a low snack. BAM you start to feel your BG falling, and now you need sugar STAT! I always recommend bringing what you'll need in case something happens during your workout, so you can be prepared! Low snacks, insulin, a BG meter, etc. are all items you may need.

Always stay hydrated!

Water is so important, especially when working out. Water also helps to stabilize blood sugars, and it's crucial you re-hydrate your body when sweating, because you loose both body heat and fluid. I find myself motivated when I have a reusable bottle or cup that reminds me to drink my water - check out some of the picks Amazon has for affordable options here.

Take regular breaks!

Taking breaks doesn't just serve a purpose because you may be tired during a set - it also serves as an opportunity for your body to readjust and let you know what it needs. Most times during a workout, you're so focused you may fail to feel any low or high blood sugars or thirst! Take a break as a chance to listen to your body and give it what it needs :)

Don't shy away from snacks!

Snacks are SO beneficial - to power your body back up, treat a low BG level, or to quench your post-workout hunger! Remember that fueling up after working out is important, so don't limit your nutrition, friends!

LASTLY... nail down your settings!

This is easier if you use an insulin pump, but with technology nowadays that allows you to go on 'exercise mode' and help treat low blood sugars before they happen, there's so much more flexibility to find what works for you. With the help of your doctor, you can find basal settings that allow you to stay in range during your workout.

Did you learn something new from today's blog post?! We sure hope you did, and make sure to check out our last post here. As always, stay safe!

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