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Pet Appreciation Week

7 Easy Tips for Healthy Pets [National Pet Appreciation Week]

7 Easy Tips for Healthy Pets [National Pet Appreciation Week]

Pet Appreciation Week

The week of June 3rd is National Pet Appreciation Week by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. While ExpressMed focuses on the well-being of you and your human loved ones, we never want to exclude the health of your pets. In fact, we carry diabetic testing supplies specifically for your furry counterparts!

In honor of Pet Appreciation Week, here are a few ExpressMed approved ways to keep your animal friends happy, healthy, and extra loved this week.

1. Keep the Chemicals Away From Your pet

With summer around the corner, bug and ant sprays, grass fertilizer and other chemicals make their way into your home. Your pets will consume anything they can reach! Make sure you keep harmful chemicals like sprays and fertilizers locked away and keep your pets away from the area for at least 24 hours.

2. Daily Exercise!

It’s proven that exercise helps maintain a healthy lifestyle for humans, so it’s easy to say that your pets enjoy regular exercise as well. Besides a healthy diet, regular exercise protects your pets from obesity. It even lowers stress and increases their overall happiness!

3. It’s Allergy Season – Don’t let Them Suffer

Your pets are susceptible to allergens due to the spring time weather like us. To keep the itching to a minimum, keep up to date on your preferred method of flea and tick control. Make sure to keep them away from potential irritants like certain pollen or dust.

4. Regular Hygienic Care

Humans tend to be pretty hygienic when it’s in our natural routine. We shower, brush our teeth, and wear clean clothes to name a few. It’s important we brush our pets' their teeth, clean their ears, and bathe them to avoid health problems later in life.

5. Keep it Clean!

We know hygiene is important to your pet’s health when it comes to longevity. But keeping your home clean is another way to ensure the both of you are comfortable and happy. Air filters keep the air in your home free of pet dander and other allergens harmful to you, your pet, and your loved ones. And, if accidents happen, try this Urine Remover by Clorox.

Pet Appreciation Week6. Show the Love -- Give Positive Reinforcement

The best training practice for your pet is positive reinforcement. Make sure you show your pet some extra love when they are behaving the way you want, and if they are misbehaving, don’t scold them! Instead, redirect that behavior to a positive one. Keeping things positive is a great bonding experience for the both of you!

7. Take Your pet Somewhere new!

Not only is changing up routine exciting mentally stimulating for us, it's the same for your pet! If you have a timid dog, take them on a remote hike where they’ll be able to explore nature without too many stimulants. If you have an indoor cat, take them to a friend or relative's house for a change in surrounding! Mental stimulation is key part of keeping your pet's mind sharp for years to come!

If you have pets, these are great tips to ensure they remain healthy for the entirety of their four-legged lives. Show how much you care by taking them on long walks and hikes, grooming, even and out of the ordinary treat! How ever you want to show your pet some love during Pet Appreciation Week, make sure you do!

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