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Compression Socks: Great for Flights?

Compression Socks: Great for Flights?

Compression Socks: Great for Flights?

Why You Need Compression Socks for Flights

Before flying out, there are several scenarios that may go through your mind. No matter where you're going, you may ask the following questions... "What time is my flight? What is the gate number? What is the security process? Do I have everything I need? What socks should I wear?" Maybe not the socks question, but I'll give you a few reason why you need to think about it.
Why Socks Matter
When on a flight, your feet are sealed into your shoes for a prolonged period of time and naturally they will become warm from being closed in, which means they'll probably be sweating. Now, that's an uncomfortable image and the feeling isn't so great either! Traveling in general, one sits still in their seat most of the time and they only get up to use the restroom or if needed move to a connecting flight only to get right back on the plane and sit down. Sitting crammed in the same position does not let one stretch very well or even move around much our body needs consistent exercise. Whether your flight is 2 or 12 hours, sitting still can be often boring and aggravating to many of us. At the end of the flight and once you're home or at the hotel, one of the most relaxing things to do is take your shoes off, take a nice shower, and relax. We know when we get to our final destination, our shoes come off and our feet appear raw and sweaty, and our legs feel cramped. That's because of the socks we wear while on a flight!
Compression Socks What do you use then?
Compression socks, of course. Professional athletes use them all the time! Unlike regular socks for every day, compression socks will not only increase your level of circulation in your legs but by applying light pressure, it works to decrease leg fatigue in your muscles and also prevent the formation of blood clots in the lower legs. If you're getting over an injury, wearing compression socks are also good in the recovery of leg cramps, shin splints, and strains. This can work for you no matter what you're doing and is beneficial with or without a current injury. Depending on your fashion sense, there's a variety of colors and styles that you can find in-store or online. They certainly will do what they are designed for, make your legs comfortable, and avoid problems like DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). See why they're great for flights?
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