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Pregnancy: 10 Tips for Enduring a Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy: 10 Tips for Enduring a Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy: 10 Tips for Enduring a Summer Pregnancy

10 Tips for Enduring a Summer Pregnancy You just received the fabulous news that your baby is due in late summer or early fall. You will be pregnant and in the last trimester of the height of the season! There is so much to do and plan around the special date. It's exciting to think about all the fun outdoor birthday parties you can throw for your child as they grow up. There's also summer trips you can plan on their birthday! You are happy, after all, summer is among the favorite seasons of the year. This is the time for planning outdoor adventures, summer vacations, trips to the pool, and BBQ’s! The heat will be a major item to consider in the summer as there are things to remember to keep up your health and the baby. The heat and humidity while pregnant can seem even hotter than it usually does. You may feel so uncomfortably hot that you want to move to the North Pole. This is because our bodies during pregnancy have extra blood flow and higher than normal body temperatures. Swelling also increases with the heat, so rings can be tight fitting. Plus, the extra weight from the baby will add to your discomfort when hot. So although a fun and exciting time, you will want to load on these super awesome tips to stay cool and comfortable during your summer pregnancy! 1. Indulge in cool and refreshing fruits Visit your local farmer’s market, orchard, or grocery store and stock up on fresh fruit. In the summer watermelon, berries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, melons, mangoes, are usually readily available. Fruits are refreshing and will cool you off and quench your thirst. Make a fruit smoothie and then just sit back and sip to feel relief from the heat. 2. Apply lotions and other products that cool the skin Your skin will be warm and if in the sun and pregnant it will feel extra unbearable. Remember your sunscreens of course but to help cool the skin off and calm you try these health care products: Lotions or after the sun balms that contain peppermint. The oil in the peppermint increases blood flow to the affected area and creates a cooling effect. Facemask with coconut water also cool your skin and prevent dryness. 3. Splurge on bright summer dresses It’s too hot to think about needing many clothes while pregnant in the summer. Try on cool clothing such as a sleeveless summer dress. Not only will it be more comfortable on your belly than shorts or pants it will help keep you cool. Cotton is the best fabric as it will breathe. Find a dress that is loose fitting and flows for the best effect. 4. Take a swim or cool baths Summer means the pool is open. Take advantage of cooling off in the pool with a maternity bathing suit. Try to get in when it is shaded over the pool if possible or in late afternoon or the evening. A little swimming will also provide some low impact exercise and relax your belly as it will be more weightless in the water. 5. Get a massage or pedicure Try a cold stone massage by a qualified massage therapist for some skin cooling relief. The application of cold stones made of marble can release tight or stressed muscles. Please seek advice of your physician prior to receiving massage therapy to be sure it is right for you. 6. Yoga Yoga during pregnancy can help increase calmness, relaxation, and strength and might just take your mind off the heat for awhile. Practice indoors to stay cool. 7. Misting fan/wet cool cloth Buy a small misting fan that will spray water. Take with you outdoors to cool down when sweating. This will be a great way to feel cooler. Also, carry a wet cloth or moist towelettes to wipe away sweat or place on the back of your neck or forehead. 7. Drinks lots of water Staying hydrated is a must during pregnancy and even more important to do so when the heat is zapping your energy and dehydrating you. Have a dedicated thermos or water bottle you carry with you. Typically a pregnant woman needs about 10 cups of fluids per day. Water is good and juices can count too. Eat lots of hydrating foods as well like fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Avoid too much caffeine and sugar filled drinks. 8. Cook light, oven-less meals The oven on in the house is the last thing you want on during the summer. Hot casseroles, baked pies, and baked enchiladas are delicious but will send the temperatures in your house soaring. Cool down your body instead of with light and no bake recipes like cold chicken and pasta salads, cold soups, avocado dishes, lettuce wraps, and hummus. 9. Keep your feet up Give yourself a break and put your feet up. Find a cozy spot in the shade or air conditioning each afternoon and elevate your feet with pillows or up on a soft stool or ottoman. Read a book, snooze, or watch your favorite afternoon talk show for about 10 to 20 minutes. The increase in hormones while pregnant will cause extra water retention and thus the swollen feet. This is normal so putting them up for a short time will get the blood flowing again.
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