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Spring Bike Ride

10 Exciting Ways to Get Active This Spring

10 Exciting Ways to Get Active This Spring

Spring Flowers The weather is warming up and people are starting to venture outside again. If you are living in an area where it is cold and you are feeling cooped up, there are many ways to get your body moving again after winter’s slumber. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh air! Rather than let spring pass you by, invite your spouse or a friend and try some of these fun and simple ways to get active! Exercising elevates your mood, energizes you, and significantly reduces stress. Take the work out of exercise and make it fun so that you can look forward to it each day. Take a hike Take a hike- Find a favorite or new place to explore either solo or with friends. Try a new park or nature area with walking trails. Spring is a perfect time to do this as the temperatures will still be mild. Pace yourself and enjoy the scenery at the same time. Be cautious if you are hiking on a rigorous trail and always pack first aid in your belongings to stay safe! Swimming Swimming- Take a swim in your backyard pool or find a local one to get started. Swimming is an aerobic exercise and short distances with breaks in between are a good way to work out your entire body. Spring is a perfect time to enjoy the water because the weather is more forgiving than winter and summer months. Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking- Even if you don’t own one, try going to a local lake or park that can rent you the equipment. Your arms and legs will benefit from the exercise and you will enjoy the naturally relaxing setting. Ride a bike- Sound simple? It is! Cycling can help with weight loss, elevate your mood, and build muscle. Start with simple paths, biking trails, or ride around the block in your neighborhood. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and catch some vitamin D while you're at it! Treadmill Treadmill- Have a treadmill at home or belong to a local gym? Make your exercise more exciting as you watch your favorite TV show, listen to music, or listen to an audiobook as you pace on the treadmill. Use a running app to keep track of your progress and continue to improve. Go Dancing Go dancing- Invite your spouse, significant other, or a friend to sign up for an exciting dance class. Look for local dance nights in the community and get out. Dancing can help you burn over 300 calories in under an hour. You can even dance at home with a good online video to follow along with! Martial Arts Martial Arts- Although it may require some serious dedication, martial arts can be a fun way to get your exercise in. All the punching, stretching, and kicking is sure to make you feel more energized and even increase your mobility. In addition, you will enjoy the satisfaction of learning something new. Play video games Video games- Yes seriously. There are many fun interactive games that require you to move your body. Many games involve dance moves or karate chopping, racing, and more. An hour of fun can quickly turn into a few hundred calories burned! Play with the kids Play with the kids- Kids love to play games and you can burn some serious calories without even knowing it. Play hide and seek, throw a ball, play tag, or swing with your kids or grandchildren on the playground. Relive your youth and have fun while exercising! Horseback riding Horseback riding- Riding a horse works out a lot of your muscles including ones in the back, abdominal, and pelvic regions. It can also help you maintain good balance and coordination. Not to mention, it is a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoor spring air.
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