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Are dia-resolutions the new New Years Resolutions?

Are dia-resolutions the new New Years Resolutions?

Are dia-resolutions the new New Years Resolutions?

The humble beginnings of the New Years' Resolution.

setting New Years goals

Did you know the first New Years' resolution dates back 4,000 years ago?! Many ancient cultures have traditions or holidays that relate to the beginning of the new calendar year. Over the years, January 1st has quickly become the day where people set new promises or goals for the upcoming year. Maybe you set your own resolutions... but have you ever set dia-resolutions?!

Today, we're going to spill all about why dia-resolutions are the new New Years' resolutions, so make sure to read until the end and let us know what you think!


You're probably wondering what a dia-resolution is right now, aren't you? I'm glad you asked! A term I coined a few years ago, "dia-resolution" describes anytime I set a goal for my personal diabetes management. It's a resolution you plan on setting, but more specifically, suited towards your diabetes management!

I coined the term "dia-resolution" because I wanted a fun moniker to use when keeping myself motivated to stick to my diabetes management goals. There is a huge difference between the two, though. You can set dia-resolutions at ANY TIME! New Year's resolutions are notorious for being set in January, but you can set a new dia-resolutions every day, week, or month!

The Benefits of setting Dia-resolutions.

Setting personal targets you hope to meet is a great way to keep yourself accountable. When it comes to diabetes, we all have things we hope to be better at. Maybe it's ensuring you pre-bolus 15 minutes before meals or nailing the carb count for your favorite snack. Reflecting on what works and what doesn't allows us to see patterns, and patterns are trends we can measure! Setting dia-resolutions can act as regular stopping points to see how you're doing in managing your diabetes.

Dia-resolutions are also great since they also act as building blocks. Take pre-bolusing for example. One week your dia-resolution can be to set a reminder on your phone 5 minutes before you eat. Week two can be to set a reminder 10 minutes before. Then, you can work on remembering to pre-bolus without a set reminder! Dia-resolutions are great for further specifying and building on goals, continuously getting better at something you may have found trouble with initially.

More dia-resolutions!

As people living with diabetes will know, our diabetes management goals are always changing. Here are some more examples of dia-resolutions, make sure to let us know if you think of any we may haven't thought of!

blood glucose testing
  • Regularly changing your lancets/pen needles
  • Remembering to bolus your long-acting insulin at the same time every night
  • Moving your pump/CGM/injection sites
  • Regularly restocking your low supplies in your car/nightstand table, purse, etc.
  • Meeting your time in range (TIR) set on your pump/CGM
  • Getting closer to meeting your goal A1C

Have you ever set a dia-resolutions? If so, do you have any for 2021? If not, is this something you want to incorporate into your diabetes management? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and check out our last blog posts here. Happy goal setting!

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