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Does Yoga Benefit People with Incontinence?

Does Yoga Actually Benefit People With Incontinence?

Does Yoga Actually Benefit People With Incontinence?

Does Yoga Benefit People with Incontinence? If you’re dealing with urinary incontinence, you may think it’s permanent and adult disposable underwear are your only option now. But recent studies suggest otherwise. A new study seems to find strength training, particularly focused on the pelvic floor can help. In fact, yoga has been proven as not just a great way to improving breathing and flexibility, but in eliminating most incontinent episodes. Decrease in Incontinence with Yoga The study out of the University of California at San Francisco found that women experiencing stress incontinence can decrease their incontinence through pelvic floor focused exercise. A 6-week trial found that the participants noticed an 85% decrease in incontinent episodes when practicing simple yoga weekly.

So exactly what did they do? Over the course of 6 weeks, the participants learned a number of beginner yoga poses that are best for pelvic floor training. We found the 3 best poses to keep you from going through too many disposable underwear!

Chair Pose

This is a fairly simple position that requires focus on your pelvic floor. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and sit as if sitting into a chair. It's exactly as it sounds! Make sure to keep your hips above parallel, or above your knees. Focus on holding this position in the hips which will strengthen the pelvic floor.

Triangle Pose

Again, this pose is exactly as it sounds. Stand with your feet wide, as if you're making a triangle, and turn one foot out and leave the other facing forward. Inhale and on your exhale, lower your body toward the foot that is turned out. Try to get as low as you can with each exhale. If you can only reach your knee, then rest your hand there and keep breathing.

Squat Pose

Take a wide stance, somewhere in between the two previous positions. Make sure both of your feet are facing out. On your next exhale, bend your knees and lower your hips to parallel, or as low as you can hold it. You can place your hands on your knees for stability, or bring your hands together and push your knees out with your elbows. This depends on your flexibility and skill level. Keep your back straight and continue deep breaths. These three poses are easy for any skill level to practice. The best part of these poses is that they focus on the pelvic floor, which is how you can decrease your incontinent episodes. However, there is no evidence that any form of exercise can completely stop incontinence. If you're still experiencing symptoms, check out our wide array of disposable underwear and briefs that are sure to fit your needs. Still not sure what to do, or which product is right for you? That's okay! Give us a call and we'll guide you through your life with incontinence. Staying active is an important part of aging, and as evidenced by this study, it's crucial for decreasing the frequency of incontinence.

Share with us the ways you stay active!

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