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Wound Care Tips During Summer

Wound Care Tips During Summer

Wound Care Tips During Summer

Summer is here, and for many people, participating in various outdoor activities and spending time in the sun has become synonymous with the warm season. For those dealing with wounds, it can be challenging to keep the wounds clean and dry, especially on a hot day. There are many things that can jeopardize the healing process of your wound, including moisture and dirt. Therefore, proper wound care is important to ensure that it heals quickly as well as to prevent infection. Read on for wound care tips to help you this summer.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

First and foremost, make sure your hands are clean before and after any wound care, even if you do not touch your wound directly. Your hand comes into contact with items like wound dressing, and any germs or bacteria on your hands can be transferred to your wound. 

Reduce Contact with Bacteria

A wound is basically an opening in the skin, therefore any bacteria in the environment has a chance of entering the wound and into your system. Besides practicing good hand hygiene, make sure that your wound does not come into contact with substances such as soil and sand. Do not enter any open bodies of water, especially stagnant water. If you have wounds on your feet such as diabetic foot ulcers, avoid wearing open-toed footwear. Using the right wound care products can help reduce contact with bacteria.

Keep Bandages Clean and Dry

Your dressings and bandages can quickly become damp with sweat from the summer heat. It is important to keep them clean and dry so that your wound can heal properly. A damp wound can trap dirt and bacteria, which can then increase your risk of infections and other complications. Depending on the type of wound you have, you can get water-resistant tapes for your bandages to protect against water and dirt. If you have a larger wound, you can keep your wound dry by using bandage covers. Plastic wraps work well for some people too. The important thing is to keep your bandages clean and dry in order to keep your wound protected from dirt and germs. 

Stay Hydrated

You can easily become dehydrated in the summer if you do not keep up with your water intake. Staying hydrated helps in wound healing because your skin needs optimal hydration levels to heal properly. Therefore, remember to drink enough water, especially on a hot day, to avoid becoming dehydrated and affecting your wound healing process. 

Maintain Good Nutrition

You can benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in certain foods to help in wound healing. Give your immune system a boost by consuming enough fruits and vegetables. Some great foods that help are citrus fruits, broccoli, ginger, garlic, spinach, and almonds. The list goes on, so be sure to consume a variety of healthy foods that boost not only your overall health but also in healing your wound. 

Look Out for Signs of Infection

Lastly, do remember to look out for signs of wound infection, which include redness around the wound, pus discharge, bad odor, and increasing pain. Consult your doctor if you think you may have signs of infection. With prompt and proper care, your wound would be able to heal well.

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