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Blood Ketone Test Strips

Why You Should Be Using Nova Max Plus Blood Ketone Test Strips

Why You Should Be Using Nova Max Plus Blood Ketone Test Strips

There are two different ways to test for ketones in your body – blood or urine. However, the blood test shows a more accurate representation of the levels as the ketones will show up in the blood first. This allows the patient to get immediate treatment rather than waiting longer for the results to show up in the urine. Ketones occur when the sugar levels in the blood drop and fat breaks down in the process. For people who are living with Diabetes Type I or II, ketones appear in the lab work because they may not have their sugar at normal levels. There is just not a good supply of insulin to take the glucose to the many cells that need it. A well-controlled blood sugar is the best way to avoid these issues. If you do not control your blood sugars and they rise too high, you could develop a health issue known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). This illness usually follows high blood sugars and a problem with the acid-base balance in the body’s system. Family members will be able to recognize a fruity smell on the patient’s breath. Using the Nova Max Plus Blood Ketone Test Strips gives you a way to watch for dangerous levels of ketones that are building up in your blood. The meter uses a very small blood sample, and you can usually get the results within 10 seconds. Most medical professionals recommend that patients test when the blood sugar is 250 or higher. You may also check on days that you are ill to make sure you are keeping your levels consistent. These strips come in vials of ten and have a two-year shelf life. Another great thing about the meter is it can also be used for glucose testing as well. You will not need two different machines to test your blood. By inserting either the glucose strip or the blood ketone test strips into the Nova Max Meter, you will get the appropriate result. The best part is the virtually painless part of lancing the finger. The lancets have smaller gauge lancets so it gives you a more comfortable and painless stick. For more information on Nova Max plus Ketone Test Strips or to order these products, go to our website and find the exact product you need at a low price. They have different options and products available. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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