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Wound Binders Are Bound

Which Wound Binders Are Bound to be Better for People with Abdominal Woes?

Which Wound Binders Are Bound to be Better for People with Abdominal Woes?

Over the years, great strides have been made in regards to abdominal surgical techniques. The same is true of post-op wound care. As such, people who undergo abdominal surgery this year have a number of options to choose from when it comes to recovery aids. Let’s take abdominal binders as examples. Often used in all sorts of wound care, they come in different forms. Case in point, Saudi Medical Journal published a study in January 2016 which highlighted the pros and cons of using elastic-based, abdominal binders like the ones we have for sale today. We have several styles and sizes of elastic binders in stock for post-surgery patients to choose from. The Latex-free tend to be among the most popular because they eliminate the potential for allergy-related, skin irritation for both patient and caregiver. The Latex-free models often boast hook and loop closures, seen here in our collection of Bird & Cronin brand binders. Hook and loop closures are ideal for patients with limited mobility in their hands and fingers. They go together easily and may be adjusted to accommodate post-surgery swelling or tenderness. In addition, they pull off quickly in emergencies and tend to hide well under regular clothing. As such, they’re perfect for patients who’ve been given clearance to return to work on light-duty status. Despite the flexibility of these elastic binders, most post-op patients will need more than one during the healing process. Reason being, as the body heals the amount of pressure placed on the surgical site may need to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, patients who undergo abdominal surgery may experience weight loss throughout their respective recoveries. Hence, they may need to compensate for that loss as well. To learn more about abdominal wound care, including tips on selecting the best binders, please contact Expressmed today!
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