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What To Pack In Your Diabetes Supply Bag

What To Pack In Your Diabetes Supply Bag

What To Pack In Your Diabetes Supply Bag

Having diabetes should never be something that prevents you from traveling. As long as you plan it out carefully and pack thoughtfully, it should be fine. If you are going overseas for an extended amount of time, you have to check with your healthcare provider first to make sure you are well prepared for all contingencies. That way, you will be able to travel safely. Read on to learn about what to pack in your diabetes supply bag!

What To Pack? 

Having these items with you will provide you with peace of mind and let you feel prepared should anything unexpected happen. 

Your diabetes supply bag should include the following:

  • Glucose Meter

Ideally, you want to have your glucose meter with you at all times. Even if you are just going out to the nearby grocery store. It is important to check that you have yours before leaving for the airport or going for a long road trip. 

  • Oral Diabetes Medication 

Always bring your pills so you don’t miss a single dose while traveling. 

  • Insulin Pump 

If you need an insulin pump to regulate your blood sugar level, you have to make sure that you bring this with you. 

  • Insulin 

If you are going somewhere with a hot climate, bring an insulated bag that contains cold packs to keep your insulin cool. 

  • Syringes 

Count the number of syringes you have to use every day, then multiply that by how many days you will spend traveling. Pack at least that many or even more. 

  • Test Strips

Always have a supply of test strips with you in case you have to test more often than expected. 

  • Lancing Device and Lancets 

Carry at least the number of lancets you need for one day of testing. It is better to not reuse a lancet because it is no longer sterile after a single use. It also becomes dull after usage, which will increase the discomfort. 

  • Ketone Strips 

Even if you don’t always use them, ketone strips are good to have around. The foil-wrapped strips will last for a longer time.

  • Glucagon Emergency Kit 

Glucagon is needed for emergencies when your blood sugar level is so low that you can’t swallow or become unconscious. Make sure you learn how to use it and teach your loved ones how to use it. 

  • Fast Acting Glucose 

Always carry fast acting glucose around with you all the time. This is in case you have a low blood sugar reaction. Glucose gels and glucose tablets are available for this very purpose. You can keep these in your coat pocket, purse, briefcase, or glucose testing kit. 

  • Snacks 

Bring some snacks along, such as peanut butter crackers, an apple sauce pouch or a juice box to treat low blood sugar if it hits. 

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