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Socks For Diabetes

What Are Socks For Diabetes And Why Are They Important?

What Are Socks For Diabetes And Why Are They Important?

Diabetic socks are created to keep your feet dry, improve blood circulation and decrease the risk of a foot injury. They are an essential part of foot care, which is a key aspect of managing diabetes due to potential damage to the circulatory and nervous systems as a result of high blood sugar levels. Nerve damage decreases sensation in the feet, especially the soles and therefore increases the risk of injury. It can lead to someone with diabetes to be unaware of an injury and thus delay treatment. 

Circulatory problems will inhibit wound healing because a continuous flow of blood is needed. Elevated blood sugar levels can also hinder the immune system from working properly. These problems can cause a situation that leads to amputation or even death. Read on to learn more about socks for diabetes! 


Socks for diabetes are socks that come with some special features to directly address the foot issues that are associated with the condition.  

  • Moisture-Wicking Material 

Moisture-wicking socks will pull the moisture away from the foot, allowing sweat to evaporate. This lowers the risk of fungal infections and also prevents odor. When the foot is dry, it has greater protection from developing blisters and other wounds. Acrylic fibers are more efficient at moisture-wicking as compared to cotton. 

  • Seamless 

Diabetic socks are usually made without seams along the toe area to reduce the risk of having blisters that could lead to ulcers. Diabetic socks also have white soles sometimes, to reveal the draining of a wound that cannot be felt. 

  • Soft Yarns 

Some diabetic socks are made using fine-textured fabrics such as wool and bamboo. Both of these have natural antimicrobial properties and are not likely to be abrasive against the skin. Some brands even offer diabetic socks which are made of a specific blister-guard yarn that can prevent blister-causing friction. 

  • Anti Microbial Properties 

To prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, some socks are made with silver- or copper-infused yarn. These have been shown to have anti-fungal properties. Wearing copper-infused socks can also prevent the reinfection of athlete’s foot during subsequent wear. These socks offer you odor protection as well. 

  • Padded Soles 

The extra padding will help to prevent foot injuries. They are made from extra-thick fabric or silicone pads or gel. You can look for padded diabetic socks that match the activities you do. Have extra padding in the heel if you need to stand for an extended amount of time or have padding under the ball of your foot if you exercise or run often. 

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