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Walk Your Dog Day: Is Your Dog Living With Diabetes?

Walk Your Dog Day: Is Your Dog Living With Diabetes?

Walk Your Dog Day: Is Your Dog Living With Diabetes?

Walk Your Dog for Their Health, Dog Diabetes Symptoms

February 22nd is National Walk Your Dog Day. While that sounds like a great bonding experience between you and your pet, did you know that it’s also important to look out for your dog’s health? Walk Your Dog Day is more than a bonding experience if you have a pet that is living with diabetes.

Everyday we hear about the increasing number of Americans being diagnosed with diabetes and living with the effects of it. However, humans are not the only ones who have to worry about this disease. Canine and feline diabetes can be a problem for our furry family members too.

Much like humans living with diabetes, diabetes mellitus is a disorder where your pet’s body is unable to regulate blood sugar levels.

And it works just the same as in humans too. The blood sugar levels in the body are controlled by insulin. Insulin is created in the pancreas, secreted into the blood, and circulated through the body to help regulate blood sugar. It also controls the body’s ability to store and use glucose. Without the presence of glucose in our cells, our body starts using stored fat and protein for energy.

Because of this process, it makes our animals eat extra food in order to supply the body with additional energy. However, this food is not used effectively. That means, our beloved pets lose weight while eating more than normal.

What are the Symptoms of Animal Diabetes?

The classic signs for diabetes in animals are:

  • Excessive urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Increased appetite

If your pet is experiencing a combination of these symptoms consulting with your vet is a good course of action.

What do you do if Your Pet has Been Diagnosed?

Take care of your pet by walking your dog this Walk Your Dog Day

If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to control the disorder to keep your pet healthy. Without proper care, it can cause depression, vomiting, weakness, and blindness.

A good healthcare routine for you and your pet can lead to a lifetime of happiness for the both of you. Consider what a human would do when taking care of their diabetes. Eating right, getting enough exercise, and testing their blood glucose levels are all great ways to control the disease.

Test Your Pet’s Glucose at Home

The AlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the same meter used at a veterinary office. It allows you to accurately test your pet’s blood sugar at home. Testing at home can help you control your pet's treatment plan, and can ease your mind.

Many people argue that using a human meter on your pets is a less expensive alternative to a specialized animal meter. However, AlphaTrak has been proven to give a more accurate reading of your pet's glucose. Human meters can underestimate canine and feline blood glucose levels, while an animal-specific meter can be coded for your cat or dog’s blood glucose distribution.

Consult your veterinarian today to see if the AlphaTrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System is right for your and your pet.

More Exercise

Similar to humans, more exercise better-controlled diet will help to control your pet’s diabetes.

Start with National Walk Your Dog Day, but continue that as a daily routine. Your dog is not going to be active when you aren’t home, as most pets aren’t self-starters. They’ll preserve all their energy for some much-anticipated face time with you.

It can be tiring after a long day to give your pet the care they deserve, but remember that it’s for their health and longevity!

As always, share with us the ways you and your pet stay active and steer clear of diabetes.

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