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Traveling with Mobility Issues: Our Essential Guide

Traveling with Mobility Issues: Our Essential Guide

Traveling with Mobility Issues: Our Essential Guide

Traveling with Mobility Issues: Our Essential Guide Mobility limitations might make traveling seem completely out of reach, but that doesn't have to be your reality. At ExpressMed, we want you to enjoy every aspect of life no matter your medical situation. So we say make that list and get packing! Read below our essential guide for traveling with any mobility limitations.

Walking is Challenging

Everyone has different levels of mobility. You may find that walking is available for you, but you're better on a flat terrain for short periods of time. That's okay! If you don't have a mobility aid, you might want to consider getting a cane or small rollator for a trip that requires more walking than you are used to doing. TSA, as well as most airlines, allow you to bring a cane on board with you if you are traveling by air. Check out our selection of travel-friendly folding canes here! If your ability to get around is only mildly limited, you still have plenty of interesting locations you can visit. Somewhere like Machu Picchu might not be the right choice for you, but the Grand Canyon would be easy to master with a rollator (so long as you don't intend to hike down)! Many cities around the world have upgraded their disability accessibility, so it's easy to pick an interesting place to explore with the family.

Travel with Mobility IssuesMobility is Limited

It may be that your situation requires you to use an electric scooter or wheelchair, but you can still get up as needed. Traveling is not out of the cards for you either! Yet, you may want to look into purchasing a transport chair for the journey. It's more lightweight and folds down for easy transportation. Many airports offer rides all the way up to your departure gate, and you can stay in your chair until you board the plane. An assistant will be able to check in your chair at that time. This process does require to notify your airline in advance, so make sure you call the specific airline you booked with to make you can board the plane in time. As you research your destination, it is important to make sure you've found the right place to stay. Look for hotels that offer accessible rooms to ensure there is plenty of space to maneuver. Call the hotel directly if necessary to let them know you have specific needs. Barcelona, Singapore, and San Diego are among some of the top-rated cities for travelers with limited mobility!

Wheelchair is Necessary

Just because you need your wheelchair at all times, that does not mean the world is out of your grasp. You will need to go through some of the same steps as someone with limited mobility. Call the airline to arrange gate assistance and notifying your hotel that you require a specific room. Your destinations may vary from someone who may only need a rollator or cane. While many European nations have increased their accessibility by including chair lifts and elevators for public transport, there are some places your wheelchair cannot go with you. Many European cities have narrow pathways and cobbled roads, making a wheelchair or electric scooter very difficult to maneuver. A cruise might be the perfect option for you if you need your chair to get around. Most cruise ships are easy to embark and disembark. Consider some of the activities you want to take part in at your destination. Research each to determine how accessible they are. If you are unsure or cannot find information on a specific activity, call them to ensure they can properly accommodate you. Check out this article from AARP that gives a breakdown of the different cruise ships for an option that may work for you. Traveling with Limited Mobility

Travel for Everyone!

Travel takes planning, and traveling with a mobility issue is no different. Keep your options open, pack your bags and don't forget the camera. And let us know where you have traveled with your cane, rollator, or wheelchair!
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