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Tips To Stay Fresh When Wearing Incontinence Products In The Summer

Tips To Stay Fresh When Wearing Incontinence Products In The Summer

Tips To Stay Fresh When Wearing Incontinence Products In The Summer

Summer is an exciting time for most people who have been looking forward to the warm weather and activities like swimming, cycling, and going for a hike. Having fun while using incontinence products has its challenges, but that does not mean you need to stay indoors all summer. Here we have compiled some tips to help you stay fresh with incontinence. 

Stay Clean and Dry

While it can be challenging to stay dry in warm weather, it is important to keep your skin clean and dry to avoid chaffing, rashes, and infections. For adults, there are absorbent adult pull-ups you can use to catch any leaks. Incontinence pads work well for added protection. Whenever an accident occurs, clean yourself up as quickly as you can to stay clean and fresh, and reduce the chances of bacterial growth. 

If you are planning on swimming, it is recommended that you use disposable swim underwear for aqua therapy sessions and other pool settings. They are discreet, unisex, and are designed to be worn under a bathing suit. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is a moisture barrier to contain bowel incontinence with minimal swelling. An incontinence specialist can help you choose the best incontinence supplies that suit your individual needs. 

Be Prepared for Accidents

Always carry with you all the necessary incontinence items that you need in the event of an accident. Some items that you can pack extra are wet wipes, pull-ups, changing gloves, disposable bags, hand sanitizer, lotion, and a change of outfit. 

Protect Your Skin

Your skin can get irritated from sweat and other liquids, especially in the summer. To make sure your skin is kept clean, use wet wipes after any leaks. You can moisturize the area with a mild lotion to ensure that it does not dry out. Different types of ointments and barrier creams can help protect your skin from irritation caused by urine, stool, and excess moisture. If your skin is prone to fungal infections, have antibacterial or antifungal creams on hand. 

Prevent Odor

With leaks, smells can be unavoidable and could get embarrassing. Ensure that your incontinence products have odor control and products like incontinence briefs should be worn close to the body to prevent leaks. Ensure that catheter collection bags are tightly sealed to prevent spills. Other precautions you can take include drinking lots of water to dilute your urine, taking deodorizing pills, and avoiding foods that cause your urine to have a strong unpleasant smell, like asparagus. 

Eat Healthy Foods

Greasy foods can increase pressure on your digestive tract. Maintain a healthy diet consisting of lean proteins, whole grains, foods high in healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid spicy foods and anything high in sugar. Swap out sports drinks and sodas for healthier options such as fresh juice and water. For adults, avoid alcoholic beverages. Eating healthier foods and staying well hydrated can help improve incontinence symptoms.

Take Note of Bathrooms

Lastly, if you are going to be traveling or spending the day out, ensure that you know where the rest stops and bathrooms are going to be. If you are going to places like museums or amusement parks, look up the bathrooms ahead of time so you can make regular trips to the bathrooms at regular intervals. For family gatherings, picnics or BBQs, you can ask where the bathrooms are upon reaching. Knowing where the bathrooms will be can help save you a lot of time and make your trip a pleasant one, even with incontinence.

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