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Tips For Choosing The Right Incontinence Pads

Tips For Choosing The Right Incontinence Pads

Tips For Choosing The Right Incontinence Pads

Using the right incontinence pad is key to hygiene and convenience. However, there are different types and causes of incontinence, with varying severity of symptoms, which differ for each individual. As such, choosing the right incontinence pad can be a daunting task. 

A survey by the National Association for Continence found that many were using products not specifically made for the task, as about 25% percent of women with incontinence said they used sanitary napkins, while 17% of women reported using tissues, paper towels, or toilet paper to manage their incontinence. However, using sanitary pads and products not designed to manage incontinence, could lead to more leakage, odor, and even cause skin rashes. 

Here are some tips to evaluate choosing the optimal incontinence product for each situation, to promote your utmost wellbeing. 

Starting with an Assessment

To successfully manage incontinence, it is imperative to make an accurate assessment of the type, degree, and cause of incontinence, which can be carried out with the help of a doctor or community nurse. Additionally, it is also vital to evaluate your situation and needs. Doing so enables you to choose the optimal incontinence product for your situation, as it will help you gain self-awareness of when and how often you need to change, and when to use the toilet.

Finding a Pad with the Right Absorption Capacity

In selecting an incontinence pad, a crucial factor to consider is the amount or degree of incontinence, which would determine how much absorbency you require. To evaluate the amount of absorption capacity you require, it is also necessary to evaluate the time of day, fluid intake, intake of diuretics, and your pad changing frequency. Moreover, it is important to note that using a product that has a higher absorption capacity than you require could also result in unnecessary cost and waste.

For light urine leakage, a pantiliner would be sufficient even though they are very thin. On the other hand, a pad is thicker and would be more optimal for moderate incontinence. 

Heavy continence would require a shield, which resembles thicker incontinence pads with hip straps attached for support. An adult diaper would also be apt, as they provide all-around protection for people with heavy incontinence. 

Choosing the Right Type of Product that Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs 

Another key element in choosing the right incontinence pad is evaluating how comfortable and how easy the pad is to use, to ensure that the pad you choose is the right solution for your lifestyle, as well as meets your individual needs. 

For those with an active lifestyle, pants and pads are often an ideal choice, as they are easy to change out of and replace by yourself. Additionally, they are available in various sizes and absorbency levels, to accommodate the amount of absorbency you require. Furthermore, they are the most comfortable products to use during physical activity.

For those who are less mobile, belted products are easy for carers to manage and change out of.

Finding the Right Size

Nonetheless, no matter what kind of incontinence you are dealing with, the correct measurement and sizing are critical for optimal management of incontinence. This is so because a product that is too large could increase the risk of leakage, while a product that is too small or ill-fitting could feel uncomfortable. By taking into account your waist and hip measurements, you can determine which product size is most likely to fit you best.

And there you have it -- your ultimate guide to choose the right incontinence product for you, for successful management of your incontinence.

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