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Tips & tricks to keeping your CGM on this spring and summer!

Tips & tricks to keeping your CGM on this spring and summer!

Tips & tricks to keeping your CGM on this spring and summer!

Hey friends, welcome back to another post! Keeping our CGM's (continuous glucose monitor systems) on becomes a task when the weather gets hot! Today I'll be sharing my own personal tips & tricks to keeping your CGM on during the spring and summer seasons.

I find during this time of year I have to work harder in trying to keep my CGM on - ensuring it doesn't peel or fall off prematurely. After all, these devices are costly! From using CGM patches to specific site placements, I'll be sharing everything that I do!


rightcare CGM patch

My number one tip is finding a great CGM Patch that helps keep your CGM safe from peeling off! The RightCare CGM adhesive patch is made with Pro Extreme KT Tape which helps protect your sensor while staying flexible enough for all the movement and activities you'll partake in! Make sure to check the patches out here and try them out for yourself :)


Through personal experience, I've found products such as oils, lotions, or moisturizers create heightened difficulty in keeping my sensor on over time!

Before placing my sensor, I clean my site with an alcohol swab and keep it clear of any other products (unless you need to use a liquid adhesive). Ensure you give it ample time to dry after cleaning your skin as well.


Dexcom CGM placement on the stomach

I think certain CGM sites work better during the winter/fall months and others during the spring and summer months, largely due to how much activity is done during the hotter months!

Arm sites are my go-to during these months. Easy to place and rotate as you can place it on your inner or outer arm. Thigh & lower calf sites are great if you want your site to be out of the way! I find placing my CGM on my lower calf stays on for the full duration of time too! Placing your CGM on your stomach is the OG move and you can never go wrong with that!

The most important part of choosing your site placement wisely is choosing what works for YOU. Experiment with places you feel comfortable and write down which worked and which didn't. Everyone is different so don't be afraid to try new things!

These are simply tips that might help! As a reminder, please make sure to consult with your healthcare provider or call your CGM customer service if you have any and all questions about site placements.


SkinTac liquid adhesive

Liquid adhesive or film options are lifesavers when you need some added grip to your CGM and/or CGM patch. While there are various brands available, common ones include Tegaderm tape, IV 3000 tape, SkinTac and adhesive barriers.

Have you used these tricks before to keep your CGM from peeling or falling off? Make sure to let us know below if you use any other tips and catch up on our latest blog post here!

Happy spring,


Disclaimer: The experiences and suggestions shared in these articles are not intended as medical advice. Individuals and families should check with their healthcare professionals regarding the treatment and management of type 1/type 2 diabetes.

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