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The Importance Of PPE For Healthcare Students

The Importance Of PPE For Healthcare Students

The Importance Of PPE For Healthcare Students

When it comes to medical students, you need the highest level of protection possible. This is partly due to the fact that you are exposed to numerous contaminants that could harm your health. Even more critical, you may not be fully versed in various procedures, which in turn increase your risk of exposure to deadly pathogens. The good news however is that personal protection equipment or PPE can help minimize these risks. 

Here are some of the ways in which PPE can help keep you safe.

Full-Body Protection

While face masks and gloves offer effective protection to certain parts of the body, PPE offers a higher level of protection to most parts of your body. This is important because contaminants can access your body in many different ways. For example, spills can land on exposed skin and cause burns and other adverse effects. If you have an open wound, no matter how small it may be, there is a risk that pathogens could enter your body and cause an infection.

If you are wearing PPE, then you are significantly safer from such threats. 

Protection from Light and Sound

Apart from contamination, there are other risks that medical graduates face. For example, students working with equipment that uses laser lights may find it necessary to use eye protection (such as Goggles or face shields), to protect their eyes from harmful light. If working with equipment that produces a significant amount of noise, it might also be important to use ear protection. Without these, you may be at risk of developing long-term hearing and sight problems, most of which cannot be reversed.

Protection from Accidental Contamination

One of the great things about PPE is that you get protection even from accidental contamination. For example, by wearing PPE over your clothes, you protect yourself from contamination that may arise from pathogens and harmful chemicals clinging to the fibers of your clothes. This means that you are not only protected, but the PPE also prevents cross-contamination as you might also bring pathogens from outside to the medical facility that you work in. What is even better is that PPE items are typically disposable, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning and sterilization. Those that are not disposable are designed to be easy to sterilize which ensures that you enjoy maximum safety.

Other Protective Measures

As effective as PPE is in keeping you safe, it is not 100% effective. This means that you need to take additional measures to ensure that you are safe. For example, frequent hand washing is important even if you are wearing gloves. You must also use all special equipment (such as isolation rooms) when dealing with patients with potentially infectious diseases.

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