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 Blood Ketone Testing

The Importance of Blood Ketone Testing

The Importance of Blood Ketone Testing

You may have heard that testing your ketone levels is important, especially if you are living with diabetes. However, the meaning of this can be confusing and many don’t even understand what ketone is and how it affects your body. Ketone is a chemical created by your body when there is a limited amount of insulin in the blood. This restricts the body from converting sugar into energy and causes the body to break down fat for energy. Having increased ketone levels in the blood affects the way your body functions and can cause serious medical conditions. Checking your ketone levels allows you to regulate your insulin levels and keep your ketone levels under control. There are two ways to test your ketone: through urine and blood. Urine testing is the most common method of testing. However, blood ketone testing is starting to become more prevalent. Blood ketone testing is similar to testing your blood sugar and is more convenient than urine testing. Testing via blood is also more accurate than urine testing due to false positive results caused by excess Vitamin C in the urine. You will also get a result faster with blood testing. The ADA recently recommended blood ketone testing over urine testing if you are looking for the most accurate results. You should consider regularly testing your blood ketones if you have insulin dependent diabetes, use an insulin pump, or are living with Type 1 diabetes. The most important times to test blood ketone is on sick days or when glucose is consistently high. Contact Expressmed today for more information!
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