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Better Load Up on Baby Diapers

Spring Showers Up Ahead: Better Load Up on Baby Diapers Before Then

Spring Showers Up Ahead: Better Load Up on Baby Diapers Before Then

Winter snows lead to more than just spring flowers. They may also be responsible, at least in part, for a predictable increase in autumn births. At least that’s what historical research data shows. So come the end of March, you may just start to see baby shower announcements showing up in your mail box. Good thing there are sales on baby diapers going on now. Why is a winter sale on baby diapers so fortunate? Simply put, they may be used to make a number of wonderful, unisex or gender specific gifts. So, you can’t go wrong stocking up on sizes newborn through size 4 now. They’re the most popular sizes when it comes to baby diaper craft project lists. Plus, moms and dads will likely use them right away or at least within the first year. The number of baby diapers you should buy will obviously depend on what craft project you plan on making for the new parents’ shower. There’s the classic, multi-tiered cake. It typically requires a minimum of 100 newborn diapers to complete along with diapering accessories. The diapering accessories, along with select items of newborn clothing, are normally treated as cake toppers and décor. For example, it is common to see baby socks used to resemble edible flowers. However, both Cuties and HUGGIES makes adorable baby wipes containers. Some of them are colorful and artsy enough to serve as an upper cake tier or topper too. Examples include the quilted soft packs and pop-up tubs. So don’t feel that you must stick with baby diapers. We’ve even seen cylinders of baby formula, bottles and spare nipples used in diaper cake construction projects too. Check out some of the most liked ones on Pinterest and Buzz Feed. You’ll see what we mean. To learn more as well as pick up baby diapers and other potential gift items before the big day, please contact us at
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