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Helpful Features

Shopping for Rollators? Look for These Helpful Features!

Shopping for Rollators? Look for These Helpful Features!

Helpful FeaturesThough limited mobility is not a condition that plagues aging members of our society exclusively, a person who is suffering from the effects of arthritis, weakness, osteoarthritis, a spinal cord injury, or back, hip, and leg trauma, may greatly benefit from the sense of independence that a walking aid can give them. Many options are available to today's consumer. A rollator's size and style are important, however, once these aspects are decided upon, don't forget the following features: Seat When shopping for a rollator, whether for yourself or a loved one, the inclusion of a seat is a must! Whether you are concerned about getting winded while on a lengthy stroll across a parking lot, or worried about getting light-headed from standing too long, a rollator with a seat not only provides a handy place to rest, but also can contribute to a user's peace of mind. Helpful Features Brakes Those who have never had to rely on walking aids for added stability may not realize the importance of a dependable brake. A common type of brake is the hand brake, which is similar to the break mechanism on a bicycle. Both hands must squeeze these brakes in order to maintain stability. A more natural system devised to keep your rollator from moving out from under your weight is known as a push-down brake. As the name implies, leaning heavily on your rollator will engage the brakes. This system may be ideal for those whose stride is uneven. Basket With both hands operating your rollator, a basket can be your most helpful asset. From purses to library books, a great basket can help you carry items from point A to point B. Some people prefer baskets that are fully enclosed to provide a measure of privacy. Others find it simpler to use a "see-through" wire mesh basket. Check out our YouTube channel for more drive medical videos from the manufacturer and see our catalog of drive medical mobility products! If you, or someone you love is in the market for a rollator to assist them in daily activities, take your time, explore your options, and learn about the importance of investing in a high-quality rollator. Have questions about a particular design or feature? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions.
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