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3244 Grey Hawk Ct. Carlsbad, California
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 Way to Reclaim Your Mobility

Rollators: A Way to Reclaim Your Mobility

Rollators: A Way to Reclaim Your Mobility

Our independence is generally celebrated at every step of our lives; first steps, first bike, first car etc. But losing mobility is a definitive blow to a person's morality because it takes away our independence. With rollators that freedom is within your grasp. Rollators provide an easy way to get around and do the activities that were once thought as things of the past. This mobility device has four wheels and brakes for quicker movement and stopping capability. From getting around in the house or to participate in family gatherings, you have the choice to be a part of any event on your own terms. In a recent article in The Nation, a German care home teaches the residents, age range 80-100 years old, to use rollators as dance partners to enhance their mobility and life. Not only will a rollator provide freedom, but they also provide an easy way to carry your own belongings with a pouch located under the seat. Rollators come in a wide range of colors, a comfortable cushioned seat, and a padded backrest. With the bicycle styled hand brakes, stopping quickly is possible and easy to achieve. Having a rollator will vastly improve your quality of life with the ease of mobility and wider array of activities available when you are more independent. ExpressMed provides a large selection of mobility devices as well as accessories and options to customize your rollator to suit your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to improve your mobility.
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