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 Regular Diabetes Wound Care

Preventing Infection as a Part of your Regular Diabetes Wound Care

Preventing Infection as a Part of your Regular Diabetes Wound Care

So you are living with diabetes, and now you have a wound on your foot. One recent study found that "foot ulcers affect one in ten people living with diabetes during their lifetime" and that people living with diabetes have "increased risk of lower-extremity amputations". These are scary things to hear, and you are not alone in fearing them. It is true that a diabetic's wounds do not heal as quickly as a non diabetic's wounds. A decrease in immune system functioning and high blood sugars (blood glucose) can both keep the diabetic’s natural healing process in slow motion. If someone living with diabetes wound becomes infected, one study showed that the risk of hospitalization increases by 55.7%.  Regular Diabetes Wound Care The story of your wound, however, will sound different! There are a few simple things that you can do today, starting with checking your blood sugar. People living with diabetes regain control by regularly checking their blood sugars and getting a handle on their blood sugar trends. They know what their blood sugar numbers normally look like, and they can determine very quickly if their blood sugars are too high or too low. Higher than normal blood sugars have been linked to signs of an infection. In addition, keeping wound dressings clean and dry may protect a wound from bacteria. Many people living with diabetes do not have the wound care supplies they need, but getting those glucose testing strips and wound dressings are vital towards taking care of your wound and preventing infection. Wound care for people living with diabetes does not need to be difficult. Websites like ExpressMed can answer any questions that you may have when deciding which supplies are best for you. Infections, however, need immediate medical help. Medical professionals may do a variety of tests including x-rays, cultures, and MRI scans to detect an infection. Please always seek medical help if you suspect that you have an infected wound. In addition to what you can do at home, there are many advanced treatments for getting a stubborn diabetic wound to heal. Wound Healing Centers, among other places, offer such therapies as Total Contact Casting, Hyperbaric Medicine, and superb wound dressing techniques. If needed, these treatments are available for the wound that worries you. Never doubt, you do have control in both preventing infections and decreasing your healing time with ExpressMed at your side!
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