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Preparing The Diabetes Travel Bag For Your Summer Vacation

Preparing The Diabetes Travel Bag For Your Summer Vacation

Preparing The Diabetes Travel Bag For Your Summer Vacation

Did you know that diabetes is not caused simply by an excessive intake of sugar? Eating too much sugar is not the main cause of diabetes, but it is rather due to your body’s inability to maintain normal blood glucose levels. With COVID-19 restrictions slowly being eased, many of us are starting to get infected by the travel bug. If you are suffering from diabetes but still looking to have a whale of a time overseas, here are a few essential items you should consider for your diabetes travel bag!


The most important tip we can leave with you is the importance of over-preparation. From insulin to glucose monitors and medication, there is a long and diverse list of essential supplies you should always bring with you to ensure your physical well-being. Make a packing list of all the essential items you need for your trip, but do not hesitate to bring more items than you think you may require. It is always better to be prepared!

Glucose Monitoring Devices

Regular blood glucose monitoring is an essential habit every diabetic patient should acquire. By identifying and tracking the changes in your blood glucose level, you can have a clearer idea of your body’s condition and make the necessary changes in diet, stress, or any other factors to maintain your blood glucose levels at a healthy rate. Bring not one, but two different blood glucose monitoring devices along with additional batteries and strips, to ensure that you would always be prepared in the case of any malfunctions to your glucose monitoring device.


Packing enough insulin, syringes, test strips, lancets, and alcohol swabs to last an entire trip should be your top priority. Do not pack the exact amount you need, bring some additional just in case and remember the golden rule, always overpack and be prepared for any emergency! Insulin is of utmost importance as it helps to control your blood glucose levels by activating the liver, muscle, and fat cells in your body to take in more glucose from the blood. Insulin helps your body take in glucose to be converted into energy, and hence having enough insulin on hand to regulate your blood glucose levels should be your top priority.

Debit or Credit Cards

Despite all your preparation, there is always a very real chance that you may experience some medical troubles, and may need more medical supplies or assistance. Bring along your medical ID bracelet and find pharmacies and clinics near your location overseas and bring along your debit or credit card to make these emergency purchases. Do not forget to inform your credit card company about your vacation, they may detect your purchases overseas and mistake them for online fraud, so perhaps overprepare once again and bring an additional card just in case of any difficulties!

Other Essential Items

Other essential items to pack for your diabetes travel bag include cold medicines, sterile gauze, analgesics, sunscreen, tape, insect repellant, and diarrhea and vomiting medications. You might also want to have some simple sugars such as chocolate to treat lows.

Diabetes Care With ExpressMed

Diabetes may be draining and difficult for you to handle, but this does not mean that you would no longer be able to have fun! ExpressMed is the online leader in healthcare, an established titan in the industry with over 80 years of experience bringing health and wellness to your doorstep at an affordable price. Take a look at our diabetes care products now!

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