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Mobility Amplified: Get Out and Enjoy Spring to The Fullest!

Mobility Amplified: Get Out and Enjoy Spring to The Fullest!

Getting fresh air is essential for all of us no matter what age. Studies show even a little bit of exercise can go a long way. It boosts energy, and creates an overall wellness to our emotional and physical condition. In today’s culture, getting ourselves to take a walk outside can be a struggle for many simple reasons such as lack of mobility or motivation. Using the right tools, anyone can get outside and enjoy the spring air, even those of us with limited mobility. There are many outdoor activities you can do with a loved one or by yourself. Here are 3 essential tools to help yourself or a loved one enjoy the outdoors this spring. wheelchair mobility Wheelchairs Let’s start simple. Taking a stroll can be lots of fun. It can be as simple as watching the sunset, enjoying a nice cool breeze or going fishing. Both of these allow us to enjoy nature alone, or spend time outdoors with family and friends. You can find a smooth trail, sidewalk, or even park in the grass to find a perfect fishing spot. If you do find you need company when fishing, take a friend with you and who knows… maybe you’ll have a fish fry later. Walk on the beach Canes Your options are still endless even if you need to bring a cane! You can go just about anywhere with a cane because they’re lightweight, easy to carry, and do not take up as much space as other mobility aids. Some can even be folded for storage when not in use. Owning a cane gives you the freedom to go on short hikes, a stroll in the park, a walk alongside the beach, or a nice walk around the block. There’s no limit to where you can go! Local Walker Walkers Local communities often advertise live events such as local bands, games, food and other activities. Walkers are a great way to attend these fun activities and events. Moreover, these events are perfect for any age, and are a good way to get out and see the world. It’s also a good way to get exercise and enjoy something new for a change. Hooray for Vitamin C! There are times you or your loved one find getting around too much of a physical burden, which is understandable. So why not create your own venue in your very own backyard and take the fun outside? Dominos, checkers, chess, a deck of cards… these are all a great way to pass time while having fun. Get some snacks, grab a few friends, get your favorite music going, and get playing! Which Mobility Aid Should I Use? If you are unsure which aid is right for you, be sure to check out our simple guide to choosing the right mobility aid. There are other options that are worth exploring. Rollators are popular and stylish to take anywhere you go! When you have the right tools, there is nothing you can’t do. Inspirational Quote
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