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Making Hydration a Habit this Summer

Making Hydration a Habit this Summer

Making Hydration a Habit this Summer

As the temperatures rise and we spend more time doing fun summer activities, the risk of dehydration also increases. While we have all heard to drink eight glasses of water a day, we tend to forget to account for the extra water we lose from sweating in the summer sun. Our bodies are about 75 percent water and our blood is nearly 85 percent water. Depriving your body on water can not only cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, but can result serious health issues. When dehydration occurs, our blood thickens making it harder to for the heart to function and can lead to a heart attack. Making Hydration a Habit this Summer Even though being well-hydrated is crucial for good health, many people forget to take water breaks throughout the day or get bored with plain water. These tips will help you switch up your water intake and make drinking water a regular habit.
  • Always carry a reusable water bottle with you.
Not only are reusable water bottles eco-friendly, they promote constant sipping throughout the day. If you have a water bottle in arms reach, especially at your work desk or in your car, you will be more likely to stay hydrated. To be even more health conscious, choose a metal or glass water bottle. Plastic water bottles tend to have harmful BPA which can contribute to serious health issues.
  • Have a glass of water before every meal.
A great way to make sure you are drinking water is to drink a glass of water when you eat. Not only will this make you more hydrated, it will prevent you from overeating at meal time.
  • Add flavor to your water.Making Hydration a Habit this Summer
One of the biggest complaints about water is that it is boring due to the lack of taste. Adding fruit to your water such as lemons, limes, strawberries, or cucumbers, can spice up your water in a healthy way. One of the most difficult factors in maintaining good hydration is understanding when you are properly hydrated. The most common way to test your hydration status is the examine the color of your urine. When you are sufficiently hydrated, your urine will be a pale yellow color. Conversely, if you are dehydrated your urine will appear dark yellow. When your body signals that you are thirsty you are already on the brink of dehydration. Be proactive in drinking water constantly to maintain good health and keep your body going all summer long!
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