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Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash: How to Treat It

Diaper Rash: How to Treat It

How to Treat a Diaper Rash Diaper Rash Diaper Rash If you have children, or at least had to take care of them, a diaper rash is an uncomfortable situation you might be familiar with. It doesn't make you a bad parent or caregiver, diaper rashes happen for several reasons. Sometimes it has nothing to do with how often you change the diaper, and everything to do with your child's sensitivity, which you would only know by seeing what works and what doesn't. Diaper rashes appear as painful little bumps or chaffing and most often caused by friction in a child's diaper, usually, the child is between the ages of 0-2 years. Sometimes they could show up in adults, but this is usually because of special medical conditions they face that require them to wear adult diapers. Because infants are in earlier stages of their life where wearing a diaper is required, extra care should be advised because it's much easier for it to occur. Causes of "Diaper Rashes" As stated, there are other times when a diaper rash can be caused by other factors that have less to do with friction, and more to do with the child's skin sensitivity to a variety of other factors:
      When a child releases body fluid such as feces and urine, they contain acid from bowel movements. If left exposed in the diaper for an extended period of time and not cleaned, it can rub against their body and begin irritating the child's skin. As a result, this causes the diaper rash. ●
      Unfortunately, this can happen one or several ways. An example of a bacterial infection would be a yeast infection. A yeast infection would occur if there were dry cracks of skin, and a bowel had entered it. ●
      Other times it arises from a child's ingestion of certain antibiotics. Although its job is to eliminate or rid bacteria, with infants it can do that plus take away the good bacteria that are needed. ●
Product Allergies:
      Allergic reactions could occur from ingredients found in oils, bath soaps, lotions, baby wipes and other fragrances. Your child can be sensitive to a specific brand lotion or type of diaper, you use on them. If you notice this, change products immediately, or use 100% natural ingredients. ●
Food Allergies:
      Who would think? But if it can happen to adults, it can happen to children. If the infant is still breastfeeding, it can be caused from what the mother ate, and if not, it can be from what's in the stools rather than the stool rubbing against the child's diaper as mentioned earlier. ●
Allergic Reaction:
    On the other hand, it could be that your child has a condition, such as eczema, a skin sensitive condition that looks similar to some diaper rashes, however, it's most often seen on the arms and legs but can appear anywhere. Consult your pediatrician for further detailed information.
How to Avoid It Diaper Rash Let's start by making sure the infant is being cleaned properly. Changing the diaper frequently is important to avoid any of the problems and infections mentioned above. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the infant should be changed every 2 to 3 hours until "Potty Training." If a babysitter or other person is taking care of your child, make sure they change the child as well. As it happens, sometimes this may slip their mind or they may not do it as often as they should. Make sure you put your child in the hands of people you trust to care for them. You should always wipe the infant from front to back and use a new baby wipe when cleaning. Never substitute a cleaning for a bath. Be sure to use baby powder to keep the cleaning area dry as to avoid irritation. Finally, use a clean diaper. How to Treat It Diaper Rash While there are several if not billions of baby products on the market, it would be more valuable for you to know what ingredients to look for vs. brands to buy. Choose whatever works within your budget, but choose what’s in it wisely. So, what to choose now? According to Healthline, the best products to use on a diaper rash are the ones that include the ingredients Zinc Oxide, and Calendula, and Aloe. These will help block moisture, yet restore, and revive dead or irritated skin. Be sure to test a small area before using a large portion. You can also avoid irritants completely by choosing a cream, oil or ointment product that includes mostly natural or 100% natural ingredients. Just one less thing to think about when shopping and your child will be safe and happy! As always choose a well-made product. It’s best to look at product reviews before buying and to use a product with ingredients that skin loves the best:
    ● 100% Organic ● Fragrance Free ● BHA Free ● Paraben Free ● Petrolatum Free ● Zinc Oxide ● Manuka Honey ● Vitamin E ● Coconut Oil ● Tee Tree Oil ● Jojoba Oil ● Olive Oil ● Shea Butter
Diaper Rash
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