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Maternity Support Can Ease Pregnancy

How a Maternity Support Can Ease Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

How a Maternity Support Can Ease Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

Maternity supports are orthopedic garments worn by many pregnant women for a variety of medical purposes. These support bands are designed to relieve lower back pain, reduce pressure on the spinal cord and internal organs, and hold the developing baby in the correct position. In many cases, maternity supports are worn for comfort. In other instances, a doctor may advise a woman to wear a support if she has a pre-existing uterus scar, a low-lying placenta, or is carrying multiples or an especially large baby. Types of Maternity Supports: Maternity supports are available that can be worn prenatally, postnatally, or both. The support can be worn over underwear or clothes. In the case of a multi-purpose support band, the broad side of the support is worn against the lower back during pregnancy and over the belly after delivery. What to Look for in a Maternity Support:
  • Do not guess at the size or buy a size that is too big thinking that you will grow into it. You should measure your hip circumference just under your belly and purchase the corresponding size as marked on the packaging.
  • Never buy or use a second hand maternity support. These garments are designed to last during a normal pregnancy. After that time, they are too stretched to provide adequate support.
  • Make sure nothing is itchy or uncomfortable.
Suggestions for Using a Maternity Support:
  • Be sure to consult your doctor before wearing a maternity support to ensure that it is appropriate for your circumstances.
  • As a general rule, you should start wearing a maternity support after the twentieth week of pregnancy.
  • You should lie down to put on your maternity support to ensure that the fetus will be supported in the proper position.
  • Remove the support for at least 30 minutes every three hours and at bedtime.
  • Wash the support by hand in warm water if it gets dirty.
  • After the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, you should only wear the support when walking or doing housework to allow the baby to get into position for delivery.
  • If you experience pain or discomfort, remove the maternity belt and consult your doctor.
Contact us today for more information about our selection of affordable maternity support garments.
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