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Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people.

Four Useful Products To Help Improve Bath Safety For Seniors

Four Useful Products To Help Improve Bath Safety For Seniors

From slippery surfaces to sharp sides, many characteristics of the bathroom pose a risk to those living with existing balance or coordination issues. Even if you are not frail, you can slip on water and get hurt. Since many baths are not appropriately designed to keep us safe, it is up to us to obtain useful products to improve bath safety in our homes. You can learn which products are available to help you achieve this goal in this article. 

Bath Benches

Often known as bath benches, shower benches, or shower stools, these waterproof chairs areused to help individuals who have difficulty with balancing for prolonged periods. They come in a variety of sizes and are designed to take the weight off your feet while showering, allowing you to remain upright. While it is slightly more difficult to soak deeper in the tub, it is not as difficult to access and depart the bath. These benches are usually stable as they are attached to the bathtub using suction cups or friction feet. If you want to add more protection, some options even incorporate extra safety measures like safety belts and backrests.

Have A Raised Toilet Seat

Some people might have difficulties lowering themselves onto a standard toilet seat, so opting for a raised toilet seat can help them in that aspect. Did you know that you can also fall victim to accidents if you are not careful getting on and off the toilet? Hence, we highly recommend you find a simple model that can help you with your specific needs. Usually, these toilet seats elevate the height by a couple of inches, making it easier to sit down on them. 

Install Grab Bars or Handles

This is an essential product if you are struggling with balance or have difficulty trying to get in and out of showers or baths. These bars can be fitted in almost any area of the bathroom as long as there is enough space for you to grip onto it for support. It is also advantageous to be located near a toilet in order to aid the user in sitting and standing. With the addition of just one grab handle, moving around the bathroom will be much easier. Do note that these bars are most suited for those with stronger upper-body strength who are able to grip the product. You will also need to make sure that they are non-slip and clear to identify. 

Place Non-slip Mats on The Floor

Falling on slippery surfaces is the leading cause of toilet injuries, so taking every precaution to avoid it makes rational sense. While using the normal mats might improve the aesthetics, it can cause significant problems if someone were to slip on it. Consider installing a non-slip mat on the shower floor or in the tub to lessen the risk of falling. Other areas you can consider include the toilet and the sink where you frequently walk to. Most effective non-slip rugs and mats are inexpensive and can help you regain control of your movement, especially if there is a lot of water nearby.

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