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Avoid Summer Injuries with These Tips

How to Enjoy Your Summer and Avoid Painful Injuries

How to Enjoy Your Summer and Avoid Painful Injuries

How to Enjoy Your Summer and Avoid Painful Injuries Do you feel like you see and experience more injuries in the summer? It seems like you can go all spring, fall, and winter and not use a single bandage those 9 months. But as soon as summer hits life is constantly filled with bruises, broken bones and sunburns. It’s true. More than half of childhood injuries occur in the summer months. So, how do summer injuries happen, how do you prevent them, and how can you treat them if they happen? Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to avoid the bumps and bruises because they’re a byproduct of summer fun. But we’ve taken note of the top summer-related injuries and the best steps to reduce summertime soreness. If the scrapes slip through the cracks, there are things you can do to reduce healing time and get back on your feet to enjoy the sunshine.

Scrapes, Cuts and Bruises

How do They Happen?

Summer sports are a great way to get active and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Kayaking, hiking, biking and team sports are all fun activities in which you and your families can participate. But kids fall off bikes, tree branches scrape your leg while hiking and team sports lead to bruises. These are all unavoidable bumps along the road.

So if They’re Unavoidable, how do you Avoid Them?

You can’t stop kids from falling off their bike and getting a scrape across their knee. You can’t stop yourself from playing beach volleyball with friends and bumping into each other. Not unless you live in a plastic bubble. But how are you going to enjoy the summer that way? The trick is to reduce the risk in these particular instances. Wear the correct protective gear to reduce the chance of getting a nasty cut. If your child isn’t the best biker, get them some knee pads and elbow pads to cut down the risk of cuts. Summer First Aid Kit Essentials

Tried to Avoid Them and They Happened Anyway, What now?

Create a first aid kit that includes a variety of bandages, both adhesive and non adhesive, gauze, medical tape, saline solution, wound washes and hot and cold packs. All these items are your friend and if you’re prepared, you can avoid a visit to the ER! Check out our many products that can help you build your summer first aid kit. Sprains and Broken Bones

How do They Happen?

Broken bones and sprained wrists and ankles can happen during any activity. But they seem more likely during summer sports like soccer, beach volleyball and hiking. Kids in particular get a little reckless when they're having fun and suddenly they're in the doctor's office for a sprained wrist.

How do you Avoid Them?

As we mentioned above, there really is no way to prevent injuries from happening entirely. Your best defense is to wear proper protective gear and increase vitamin intake. Increased calcium and vitamin D can aid in broken bone and skin protection, so stock up and make them a part of your normal breakfast routine.

Broken Bones and not Sure What to do?

Broken arms, sprained wrists and fractured ankles happen sometimes despite our best efforts to avoid it. Cast covers, wraps, and crutches are the supplies you'll need to heal with comfort. ExpressMed carries cast covers and braces, wraps, and crutches to help you along the way to recovery. Bug Bites and Sunburns

How do They Happen?

As we've stated, summer is the time of year to be outdoors playing sports, laying on the beach and grilling in the yard. But sunburn is tricky adverse affect. There is no uniform answer for how much sun exposure is too much because everyone is different. One thing is for sure: even 1 minute of unprotected sun exposure is 1 minute too much. When the sun starts to go down, the bugs come out -- many of which you can't see. Depending on where you live, you'll be subjected to different bugs with different bites and venom to bug your skin for weeks post-bite.

How can you Avoid What you Can't see?

There is no universal time limit for sun exposure, so it's just best you limit the amount of skin you expose to the sun. Lightweight cover ups and hats will protect you from potential burns. The parts of your skin you can't cover, use a higher SPF sunscreen, like our selection of sunscreens here. For bugs, you can try citronella candles, mosquito netting and bug sprays!

How do you Care for Them?

So the little bugs slipped through the cracks and you got a sunburn? That's okay! Remember, it's summer and unless you live in a bubble, you'll never avoid it 100%. Aloe Vera and lightweight moisturizers will aid in healing your burn quickly. As for the bug bites? A calming lotion like this one from Gold Bond can aid in healing while stopping you from scratching those nasty bites. Summer should always be fun, but injuries are bound to happen. Those shouldn't stop you from enjoying the season to its fullest extent. Remember that preparedness and protection are the easiest ways to avoid these common injuries. And even if you tried your best to avoid them, make sure you have the tools ready so they're not as bad as they could be. As always, share with us all the ways you protect yourself from common summer injuries.
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