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25 Things You Need In An Emergency

25 Things You Need In An Emergency

It is impossible to predict when a disaster or emergency will happen but it does not mean that you cannot prepare for it. There are numerous items that should be included your emergency supply kit. Let's make sure you prepare yourself for an emergency with this list of necessary items.

Basic Essentials

Benadryl, Bayer, Tylenol. Pain Relief and Allergy Relief Have a minimum 3-day supply of these items: Although these are basic essentials for any person, there are other items that must be included in your emergency supply kit in order to be well-prepared for a disaster. Read more to find out!

Safety Supplies

American Red Cross Family First Aid Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Multi-Function Tool - knife, screwdriver, fire starter, can opener etc.
  • Compass
  • Signal Flares
  • Can Opener
A first aid kit will contain much of the necessary items for cuts, burns, bruises, and wounds. Make sure you do not forget to include these items in your emergency supply kit.

Personal Care Necessities

Sween Cream MoisturizerBanana Boat SPF 50 Sport SunscreenPurell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe You may have never thought of including personal care items in your supply kit but you can certainly feel more comfortable in an emergency situation if you have them.

Electronic Gadgets

Duracell and MedCell Batteries Duracell Battery pack of 12 D Batteries
  • Portable Phone and Laptop Chargers
  • Cell Phone
  • Flashlight
  • Laptop
  • USB Flash Drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Batteries
These items have quickly become an everyday part of our lives. Many of us already have these items but do not realize how they can be helpful in an emergency. You can store important medical, legal, or work files on a USB flash drive or external hard drive to be accessible on a computer when yours is not around. You can even save family photos and videos to preserve your wonderful memories. Why carry a suitcase full of papers and photos when you can carry it all in your pocket?

Extra Emergency Supplies

  • Cash
  • Important Documents (medical records, legal, etc.)
  • House and Car Keys
  • Pet Supplies
The basic necessities for a disaster can vary for each person. Always prepare a kit that is best tailored to you and your family's needs. Extra supplies may be necessary depending on the situation. Let us know what other items you would include in your emergency supply kit in the comments below!
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